32-inch WQHD gaming monitor can be yours for $230 for Prime Day

The Acer Nitro XV320QU gaming monitor on a white background.

If you’re building your gaming computer setup with Amazon’s Prime Day deals, you shouldn’t forget to also invest in a decent screen to give justice to your gaming PC’s processing power. Here’s a nice option — the 31.5-inch Acer Nitro XV320QU gaming monitor for $230, which beats its previously lowest price this year of $247 after a $120 discount on its original price of $350. There’s a chance that this offer doesn’t last until the end of Prime Day on July 12 though, so you’re going to have to make the purchase now if you don’t want to miss this bargain.

Why you should buy the Acer Nitro XV320QU gaming monitor

You’ll always see Acer products in our roundups of the best monitors and best gaming monitors, which means you should expect top-quality performance from the Acer Nitro XV320QU gaming monitor. It will make sure that you’ll maximize the video game experience on the best gaming PCs with a 31.5-inch screen that features WQHD resolution for sharp details and vivid colors, while Acer’s ComfyView technology will keep your eyes comfortable even when you end up playing for several hours.

The Acer Nitro XV320QU gaming monitor promises an up to 165Hz refresh rate, which our computer monitor buying guide explains as how often the images are updated on the screen, and am up to 0.5ms gray to gray response time, which is how quickly the monitor shows image transitions — the lower the response time, the better for fast-paced action. The monitor also supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium, which allows it to dynamically refresh the screen in sync with the frame rate of the game that you’re playing to eliminate screen tearing.

It’s not hard to find Prime Day monitor deals, but Amazon’s offer for the Acer Nitro XV320QU gaming monitor is turning heads because of the value that you’ll get from it. From its sticker price of $350, it’s down to just $230, for savings of $120 and an even cheaper price than its previous low this year of $247. You’re going to want to hurry in completing the purchase for the Acer Nitro XV320QU gaming monitor though, because stocks may run out at any moment.

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