4th of July Sales: Get This 3D Printer for $210 at Monoprice

If you’re not sure how 3D printers work, you’re in luck because most modern 3D printers don’t need you to have a deep knowledge or understanding of the industry and make the whole process as easy as pressing a button. While the Monoprice MP10 isn’t the latest and greatest in automation, it has many great features that make life easier. Even better, Monoprice has discounted the MP10 down to $210, rather than the usual $350, which is a whopping $140 discount, and well worth considering during this 4th of July sale.

Why you should buy the Monoprice MP10 3D Printer

The 300mm x 300mm x 400mm of the Monoprice MP10 is surprisingly large, especially compared to some of the best 3d Printers on the market, so it’s already doing a good job out of the gate. It also comes pre-assembled and is easy to set up, so if you’re a 3D printing novice, you won’t have to mess around with wires too much. If you aren’t a novice, then you know the excruciating pain of dealing with a power outage when 3D printing and you’ll be happy to know that the MP10 includes a resume function. The resume function even includes a filament sensor that stops the print if it senses the filament has run out, which is also a pretty amazing feature for such a budget-friendly printer.

As for removing the print, the plate can be heated up to 100 degrees centigrade, and it’s flexible while also being magnetically mounted, making the whole removal process a literal snap. It also comes with an assisted bed level sensor to keep everything level while you print, and the dual Y gantry means much less wobble as it prints. In terms of filaments, the Monoprice MP10 supports all the main ones you’d expect: PLA/PLA+, ABS, TPU/TPE/TPC, and PETG, although if you’re a beginner, you should start with the PLA or PLA+.

All in all, the Monoprice MP10 is a great printer to dip your toes into the 3D printing world, especially with this 4th of July deal that brings the price down to just $210 rather than $350. Of course, we always encourage you to check out alternatives, so be sure to look through these excellent 3D printer deals as well.

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