A discount just landed on the Alienware S5000 gaming chair

The Alienware S5000 gaming chair in a futuristic room.

Every gamer should play while sitting on a proper gaming chair, as doing so simply elevates the entire experience. You’ll want to invest in something like the Alienware S5000 gaming chair, which is actually currently on sale from Dell with a $40 discount. It’s down to just $360 from $400 originally, a bargain that you should definitely consider because it’s rare to get the chance to buy this gaming chair for cheaper than usual.

Why you should buy the Alienware S5000 gaming chair

Whether you’re a console gamer or you’re a hardcore PC player who just upgraded with gaming PC deals or gaming laptop deals, you’ll be able to last for several hours at a time if you’re on the Alienware S5000 gaming chair. Dell’s gaming-focused brand, which is well known for making some of the best gaming PCs and best gaming laptops, is also rolling out peripherals like this top-quality gaming chair that features coffee ground-infused microfiber on its seat and backrest for odor control and quick drying, and silver embroidery for antibacterial properties. It also comes with ultra-premium high-resiliency foam that keeps the gaming chair comfortable while improving its overall durability.

Similar to the best gaming chairs, the Alienware S5000 gaming chair features adjustable seat height, tilt, backrest, and 4D armrests, so you can place it in the best possible position for you. It also comes with soft-glide wheels for quieter operation, a five-star base that’s made of aluminum alloy to maintain stability, and industrial gas lift cylinders for ease of use. You’ll also get additional memory foam cushions for your lumbar and neck with ever purchase of the Alienware S5000 gaming chair.

The Alienware S5000 gaming chair almost never receives a price cut, so don’t miss this opportunity to purchase it from Dell at 10% off. From $400, it’s down to $360 for $40 in savings — it’s not much, but you should take every chance to buy a high-performance gaming chair such as this one with a discount. You’ll need to complete the transaction as soon as possible though, as we’re not sure if there’s enough stock of the Alienware S5000 gaming chair to last until tomorrow.

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