All Flarlic locations in Pikmin 4

The Pikmin series has always highlighted the idea of commanding huge numbers of tiny creatures at once. With Pikmin 4 utilizing the power of the Switch, more Pikmin than ever can appear on screen, but that doesn’t mean you can just grind out an entire army right off the bat. The game will limit you on how many total Pikmin you can control, forcing you to manage your forces between the different types. While this limitation will feel constricting at first, by collecting special plants called Flarlic, you can increase that number by 10. There are 12 total Flarlics to collect, with each stage having one on the surface and one in a cave to find, but you only need eight of them to reach the max Pikmin limit. Here’s where to find all the Flarlic in Pikmin 4 so you can travel with a full army.

Sun-Speckled Terrace

The Flarlic you can find on the surface is way up north beyond the electric fence that you need Yellow Pikmin to pass. You’ll need at least five Yellow Pikmin to toss up on the potted plant next to the fence in order to reach the Flarlic on the elevated mound.

The second is in the Last-Frost Cavern. Go to the top-left corner of the large northwest room and pluck it out of a sunken plant pot hidden behind some pots you need to smash.

Blossoming Arcadia

Our surface Flarlic is up north on the south side of the water and requires Blue Pikmin to bring back, or Ice Pikmin to freeze the water below it. It is tucked inside a wooden structure you need to toss some Pikmin up to collect.

Underground in the Secluded Courtyard cave, head to the third level down, and go to the western area. Toss up five Pikmin onto the broken pot it is growing in.

Serene Shores

Deep in the waters to the southwest, look for the clam in the back corner. It will have some enemies around it, so clear them out before cracking it open and collecting the Flarlic.

Diving into the Seafloor Resort, while on the first level, head to the northeast corner. You will find a Hydro Jelly you need to break to reach the Flarlic on top.

Hero’s Hideaway

On the kitchen island, go to the north end of the surface and scoop this piece of Flarlic off the plate.

Enter the Plunder Palace and, once again, we’re heading onto the tabletop to the east. On the pink plate is your next piece of Flarlic.

Giant’s Hearth

Near the middle of the map, go up on the hearth itself along the bridge in the middle. This Flarlic is right out in the open for you.

Down in the Dream Home, you need to progress until you come to the two moving fan platforms on the eastern side. Ride one close enough to the other to toss your Pikmin at the Flarlic on it.

Primordial Thicket

The final surface level Flarlic is on the area before you go all the way to the northmost part of the map, just across the bridge. Head to the eastern corner of this area to grab it.

Last up, we’re diving into the Mud Pit. This one is right at the top of the map across the water. Once you’ve cleared the enemies, you’re free to grab it.

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