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Readin’, writin’, ‘rithmetic. They’re the big three. You might already associate the best Kindles with just reading and, with a calculator app, some basic arithmetic. What you likely don’t associate a Kindle with is writing. But that can all change once you start using this super notetaker, the Kindle Scribe. It’s basic version (using the Basic Pen and 16GB of storage) is now at a lowest-ever price, dropping $340 to $280. It’s a savings of 18% (or $60 in this case) that’s going across the board today, including the premium pen version as well as the 32GB and 64GB storage versions. So, if like the intrepid naturalists of the past, you want a notebook you can sketch out the world in, but also want it digital because it is 2023 already and come on, then tap the button below to grab yours on Amazon today for 18% off. Or, keep reading to see why this is one of the best Kindle deals our intrepid deals explorers were able to find!

Why you should buy the Kindle Scribe

If you’re totally new to the idea of a Kindle, or any of the other competing e-book readers, you might want to check out a standard Kindle review. While the experience for the Kindle Scribe will, naturally, be a bit different, the overall idea should remain the same. Skills like transferring Word docs to Kindle and sharing your Kindle library with friends and family, likewise, are worth learning if you’re totally unfamiliar with the Kindle ecosystem.

The Kindle Scribe is a prescription for an illness of e-readers thus far; the inability to easily take notes, scribble marginalia, and transform the book in a way that matters personally to you. Our Kindle Scribe review describes, for instance, the reviewer taking notes during meetings on the Kindle Scribe. It was something he would have usually done on an iPad Pro, but the realistic writing feel and weeks-long battery-life of the Kindle Scribe made the switch easy. Note, that since that initial review, the Kindle Scribe has gotten better, with enhanced folder organization and the addition of fountain pen, marker, and pencil writing styles. The Kindle Scribe is 10.2-inches and has a 300ppi Paperwhite display.

To grab your Kindle Scribe now, at a lowest ever price of 18% off, do so by tapping the button below. Remember, that brings the basic version from $340 to $280, saving you $60, but you can upgrade to the Premium Pen or larger storage versions and still get 18% off while this deal lasts.

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