Apple Mac Studio desktop computer just had its price slashed

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One of the best Apple deals today is over at Best Buy. You can buy the Apple Mac Studio with its Apple M1 Max processor for $1,799, saving $200 off the regular price of $1,999. A reliable saving on something that isn’t always discounted, it’s a great purchase for anyone kitting out their home office well. Let’s take a look at what it offers.

Why you should buy the Apple Mac Studio

Sure to be one of the best desktop computers for many people, the Apple Mac Studio is supremely powerful. When comparing the latest Apple Mac Studio with the Mac Pro, it comes out fairly favorably. While this isn’t the latest version, much of the same technology has been carried across.

The system offers up a 12-core CPU in the Apple M1 Max which may not be the fastest processor compared to the M2 range but is still fantastically reliable and speedy. It also has a 24-core GPU that’s ideal for video editing, image work or anything else visual. For multitasking, you get 32GB of memory which is twice as much as you’d often get elsewhere in this price range. There’s also 512GB of SSD storage which is sufficient for most needs.

For connections, there’s one HDMI output to use when pairing it with one of the best monitors. There are also four Thunderbolt ports along with four USB ports so you can easily connect all your accessories. One Ethernet port proves useful for a hardwired internet or network connection too.

Ideally suited for squeezing into your office space, the Apple Mac Studio takes up little room with a 7.7-inch square shape and is just 3.7 inches tall. It looks good too in a classic Apple silver so it’ll suit your aesthetic perfectly. The general idea behind it is that you get a powerful MacOS-based experience without having to worry about owning a lumbering tower that might look ugly. It’s perfectly suited for creative types in particular but anyone who wants speed will appreciate this.

Ideal for Apple fans or those who want a powerful desktop rig for working effectively, the Apple Mac Studio is down to $1,799 at Best Buy. Previously $1,999, you save $200 on this desktop computer. It’s a great option for anyone who doesn’t need the absolute latest M2 chip but still wants fast performance. Buy it now while stock is still around.

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