BattleBit Remastered: what are Squad Points and how to use them

Most of the time in BattleBit Remastered, you’ll probably be more focused on just trying to survive than anything else. This massive first-person shooter takes all the best elements of the Battlefield franchise, such as the giant, destructible maps, class system, and a strong emphasis on teamwork within squads.

If you’ve been running with squads, you might have noticed yourself earning something called Squad Points as you play. These points are shared among your entire squad, and building them up is a great way to turn the tides of battle. That is, if you know how to use them. Here’s everything you need to know about Squad Points in BattleBit Remastered.

How Squad Points work

A soldier selecting an air supply drop from a menu.

Squad Points are a system that rewards squads for working as, well, a squad in BattleBit. By performing actions such as targeting objectives, attacking objectives others on your squad have targeted, healing teammates, having a teammate spawn on you, killing enemies, and generally any cooperative action you will Squad Points for your entire squad. You can track how many Squad Points your team currently has on the very bottom left corner of the screen.

Once your squad has accumulated enough points and wants to spend them, anyone on the squad can do so — not just the squad leader.

To use them, press the middle mouse button to open the build menu. Your options here include Ground Deployables which are various forms of walls you can build, Supply Drops that simply drop ammo, bandages, and weapons for your squad at a target location, and Rally Points (which are not available in all game modes) that do need to be placed by your squad leader and act as a new spawn location for your squad.

Because your squad shares a pool of these points, and each item has a different cost associated with them, it is important that you coordinate with your team on which items you need and when to make sure you don’t run out in a critical moment. Thankfully, so long as you’re playing as a unit, Squad Points are fairly easy to come by, so you won’t be running low for too long.

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