Best Labor Day smartwatch deals: Apple Watch, Fitbit & more

If you missed out on Prime Day and still want to pick up a smartwatch, you’ll be happy to find out that there are a lot of great Labor Day smartwatch deals to take advantage of. Whether you want an ultra-budget fitness smartwatch, a mid-range Apple smartwatch, or the best Android smartwatch you can buy, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. As such, we’ve collected some of the best Labor Day smartwatch deals to save you the trouble, so let’s jump right in.

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro — $60, was $70

Amazfit Bip on someone's wrist.

If you’re looking for budget smartwatch deals, look no further than the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro, which has a surprising set of features. For starters, it has all the tracking suite of sensors you’d expect from a higher-end smartwatch, such as blood oxygen saturation, heart rate monitoring, and even cycle tracking for women, which we only really see on the more expensive Apple Watches. That said, it does lack in some areas when it comes to utilizing it with your phone since you can receive messages, but you can’t send them or make phone calls. Even so, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker given how budget-friendly this smartwatch is, and with both a 14-day batter and Alexa built-in, it’s actually pretty versatile.

Apple Watch SE — from $129, was from $329

The screen of the Apple Watch SE showing its apps.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

On the other hand, if you’re in the Apple ecosystem and want something budget-friendly, then the Apple Watch SE 1 is the smartwatch to grab during this Labor Day sale. We especially like that this deal is GPS and cellular, meaning you can make phone calls directly from the smartwatch. In terms of fitness, it does have the basics, such as a heart rate monitor and activity tracking, but it is missing the more advanced sensors like blood oxygen saturation. Luckily, it does still have emergency SOS messages and Apple Pay, while WatchOS 8 makes it easy to use and very close in experience to the higher-end Apple Watches.

Garmin Forerunner 45S — $145, was $170

Garmin Forerunner 45S
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Garmin is well-known for its fitness watches, so if you’re looking for a smartwatch that’s mainly focused on fitness, the Garmin Forerunner 45S is the one you want to grab. While the Forerunner 45S has a heart rate monitor, where it really excels is in fitness tracking and planning, with a main focus on people who want to up their game when it comes to running. Helping with that task are several different types of global positioning trackers, different sports profiles, and various metrics that help you understand your fitness level. A lot of that is used to create a Body Battery score that lets you know when you need to take a break and the Garmin Coach 2.0, which helps provide you with adaptive training plans.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 — from $180, was fro, $280

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 sitting on a succulent.
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is probably the best Android smartwatch, so if you’re in the Android ecosystem and want the best, it’s certainly worth grabbing. The gorgeous AMOLED screen of the Watch 5 is perfect for use in pretty much any situation, and the updated OS makes navigation and use of the watch with your phone much more convenient. As for sensors, it comes with a 24/7 heart-rate monitor, SpO2 tracking, and an ECG, plus Samsung has thrown in a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor, which can tell you the general composition of your body in terms of things such as body fat and skeletal muscle, which are great to help you keep on top of your health.

Apple Watch SE 2 — from $219, was from $249

The app grid view on the Apple Watch SE 2.If you liked the Watch SE 1 and are willing to spend a bit more, the Apple Watch SE 2 has a couple of extra features you might find interesting. For example, while it has the same sensor suite, they are much more advanced and accurate. You also get the high-g accelerometer chip, which can detect crashes and much better battery life and overall performance. If you’d like a more thorough breakdown between the two, check out our Apple Watch SE 2 vs. Apple Watch SE deep dive.

Fitbit Sense 2 — $230, was $300

The Fitbit Sense 2 in moss.
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If you’re not a fan of Samsung and yet still want an Android smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense 2 is probably one of the best integrations into the Android ecosystem. As the name suggests, the Fitbit Sense 2 is very much targeted towards fitness, with a heart rate monitor, electrodermal sensor, blood oxygen sensor, and even the ability to sense atrial fibrillation. It also has a great stress tracking and management function, which we very much appreciate, and the overall ruggedness makes this the perfect fitness companion. Sadly, the only downside is the need for a $10/month subscription for the more advanced features such as the wellness report, sleep profile, and readiness score.

Apple Watch Series 8 — from $310, was from $399

An Apple Watch Series 8 with the display turned on.
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The Apple Watch Series 8 is the highest-end Apple Watch you can get before going for the Ultra, and given that it’s less than half the price, it might be worth grabbing this one instead. While sadly, this version isn’t cellular, that doesn’t mean it isn’t jam-packed with features, such as every sensor under the sun. It even has a new temperature sensor and the crash detention, which was originally featured on this smartwatch before making its way to the Watch SE 2. As for battery life, you’ll easily get a full day out of it, which is great, and it has excellent iPhone integration, especially with the large screen and WatchOS 9.

Apple Watch Ultra — from $749, was from $799

Smart Stack with activity and sleep widgets on an Apple Watch Ultra.
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Of course, if you want the best smartwatch that Apple has to offer, then the Apple Watch Ultra is it, and it lives up to the name quite easily. While it has many of the same sensors as the Series 8, it stands out in its rugged construction and extra fitness features packed under the hood. For example, there’s the all-new Wayfinder app, which is not only a compass but also lets you directly place a compass on your watch face. Then there’s the Backtrack feature, which lets you retrace your steps in case you get lost, while the nearly 3-day battery life will let you use the Watch Ultra regularly without fear of running out of battery.

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