Buying an Xbox Series X? You’ll want to read this first

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We don’t tend to see many Xbox Series X deals with the console commanding its regular price more often than not. However, there is an exception today with Dell discounting the Microsoft Xbox Series X by $20 and bringing it down to $480. Sure, it’s only $20 off but maybe this is your cue to treat yourself to a pizza once the console arrives. After all, you need to fuel yourself while you enjoy some great games. If you’re still a little uncertain about buying an Xbox Series X, keep reading while we tell you a little more about it.

Why you should buy the Microsoft Xbox Series X

The Microsoft Xbox Series X offers phenomenal power as we discussed in our review. It offers 4K resolutions, 120 fps, HDR, and 12 teraflops of processing power. For you, the gamer, that’s best translated to there being a lot of the best Xbox Series X games to check out. It’s also recommended that you check out the best games on Xbox Game Pass as well.

It’s also a very bulky games console but one that has the right kind of shape to slot in among your other items under the TV cabinet. It has 1TB of storage space which works out at 802GB of usable space. There’s always the option to upgrade it with a dedicated SSD expansion card or you can use an external hard drive for older games. Thanks to backwards compatibility, it’s great discovering the vast wealth of Xbox One games out there.

There are also useful features like Quick Resume so any game you play is left suspended like a phone app, so you can easily dive straight back into where you left off. Software features like that truly add up and make it a console to gravitate towards any time you have some free time.

The Microsoft Xbox Series X is usually priced at $500. Right now, you can buy it for a modest discount of $20 at Dell bringing it down to $480. Use that money for a pizza, an Xbox Game Pass subscription or something else to accompany your new console well. You won’t regret it.

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