Cancellation Charges IRCTC for Different Type of Train Tickets

Aware of cancellation charges IRCTC in 2022. Know detailed IRCTC cancellation charges for cancelling of ticket at different situations for confirmed, waitlisted…

IRCTC is one portal to manage the transportation facilities of Indian Railways either for the passenger or the luggage. The passengers who are willing to travel to any destination can get the IRCTC portal launched and select their places of visit.

The booking of ticket will be fully online and as well the confirmation will be updated through SMS or online IRCTC portal. The passengers are required to get the tatkal service in case they want to get confirmed by paying a slightly higher fare price. IRCTC also looks after the cancellation of IRCTC ticket by passengers if they suddenly plan to cancel their journey.

In such cases there are various conditions which have to be agreed to get the full or partial refund. Passenger has to satisfy the condition of refund and then apply the online TDR to get the cancellation processed.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges

Let us go through the rules that are applied on tickets which are cancelled from IRCTC. These might help you get some idea about the charges deducted when you cancel IRCTC ticket.

Cancellation of Confirmed Ticket before 48 Hours

The time duration of the ticket is checked when we’re trying to cancel. Here if your ticket got confirmed by IRCTC and the duration is more than 48 hours from the time of departure. Then the below charges will be applied for your cancelation and deducted from the total sum of your ticket.

  • Executive class INR 240 including GST
  • AC Chair Car INR 180 including GST

Cancellation charges confirmed ticket before 12 hours

The time stamp of your ticket between the 48 hours of your departure and between the 12 hours of the departure will be taken into consideration for this type of refund. If you are satisfied then the below applied charges will be applicable on your IRCTC ticket cancellation.

  • 25 percent of fare including GST for both Executive and AC Chair Car class

Cancellation of Confirmed ticket within 12 hours

If the time of departure of your train is only 12 hours, then the cancellation of your ticket will have a high value of deduction. Here are the deductions made based on your cancellation time: near to 12 hours.

  • 50 percent of fare including GST for both AC chair car and executive class

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Confirmed ticket

If the departure time is only 30 mins or less then the IRCTC will provide no refund for the cancellation of the ticket. As the nearest time cancellation for the departure will not be considered and the full money for the ticket will be waived.

Cancellation for Waitlisted Ticket

In case if your IRCTC ticket is in the waiting list then the cancellation charges applied will be very less. The cancellation charges will be INR 20 including GST on which the total fare will be deducted and then the remaining amount will be refunded. These cancellations should be before 4 hours of the departure time of the train to get the refund.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges

Waiting list Passengers

In case the IRCTC ticket holding passengers are still on the waiting list and are not provided any seats. Then such tickets will be automatically cancelled and the full amount will be refunded to the passenger account paid for the ticket.

Cancellation for Partially Confirmed Ticket

If the group of people have booked the ticket for a family and in that group if few tickets get confirmed, whereas others are still in the waiting list. Then all tickets can be cancelled and a fare of INR 20 along with GST will be applied. These must be done before 4 hours of the departure by filing the TDR online in the IRCTC portal.

Cancellation for waiting ticket dropped from charting

If the list of tickets are still on the waiting list even after preparation of the reservation chart. Then all passengers booked and in the wait list will be cancelled automatically. The refund of the full amount will paid to passenger without any deduction. This deduction done once the departure time has been passed.

Cancellation for partial cancellation of Train

If the train is diverted, train is cancelled or the train short terminated then the TDR has to be filled before 72 hours of departure time of train. The full refund of the ticket will be made without any deduction.

Cancellation of Full Train

In rare cases, there are certain times when the train gets cancelled due to any reason. Irrespective of reason, if the train has been cancelled then there is nothing to be done by passenger. Their amount of train ticket will fully refund to their accounts without any deduction at time of actual train departure.

Cancellation for Train running 3 hours Late

The IRCTC does provide full responsibility if the train has been delayed for more than 3 hours. Reaching on time due importance of the IRCTC and if any train delayed by 3 hours passenger fill online TDR. Get the full ticket amount refunded. This is for the comfort of passengers, as they don’t wish to get delayed or have used any alternative for their journey. For more details, visit official web page.

  1. Is it required to cancel an IRCTC ticket?

    The process of cancellation is important when it is with the IRCTC, as there are multiple passengers who are on the waiting list and any cancellation of ticket will get their ticket confirmed. So if a passenger has cancelled their journey plan, then on priority they have to cancel the IRCTC ticket to allow other passengers to get their chance.

  2. Whether IRCTC refunds Travel Insurance paid?

    At the time of booking the ticket and premium paid along with ticket are not allowed for cancellation. There is no refund on IRCTC travel insurance even the train ticket cancelled for any type of ticket/journey.

  3. Can I travel with a waitlist ticket?

    As per rules of IRCTC online passengers with the confirmed ticket will be allowed to travel in trains. The waitlisted ticket holders will not be allowed to travel by train and on other hand they will get a full refund from IRCTC once the time of departure of train has been crossed.

  4. My IRCTC ticket refund is not credited yet?

    In case you have cancelled your ticket from IRCTC or through the automatic process of IRCTC your ticket has been cancelled. The amount of refund will be credited to your same payment mode within 3 days of time. This individual has to wait for at least 72 hours for refund and then report the grievance form IRCTC portal.

  5. Does RAC get confirmed first or Waitlisted tickets?

    In the process of confirming the tickets by IRCTC, at first the RAC ticket will be confirmed. The passenger with the waitlist ticket will be confirmed only after all RAC ticket holders are confirmed. The process of confirming and releasing the chart is fully automatic through the online IRCTC portal.

  6. What if I cancel my ticket before 1 hour of departure?

    The conditions of IRCTC for cancellation of tickets are clearly updated in their official portal. If any ticket has been cancelled within the due time of 1 hour from the departure, The cancellation of the ticket will get 50 percent fair price of the total ticket fare including GST deducted. In certain cases there will be no refund for the ticket, as 4 hours is seen as a 50 percent refund mark time by IRCTC.

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