Educational Leave in Canada

Most of the applicants apply for educational leave in Canada if they have enrolled in some relevant course and their examinations are nearing, and they can get this leave with pay or without pay.

Mostly, it depends on the company policies. Moreover, it also depends on the fact that the exam they are undertaking is relevant to the needs of the company or not.

With educational leave applications, one has to take approvals from relevant authorities and sign the collective agreement, etc, Before applying for educational leave, one must be aware of the following information.

Leave Duration

There is no fixed duration for the leave. It varies from company to company. It may vary between 15 days to about 1 year.

Educational Allowance

While on educational leave, they can get an allowance of up to 100%. Mostly, it depends on the discretion of the managers. And the managers’ discretion depends on how relevant is the education for your organization. The employees get any one of the following

  • Full Allowance
  • Partial Allowance (minimum 50%)
  • Assistance without allowance

In the following conditions, the employee may need to repay the allowance. –

  • In case, the employee does not return to work in a specified period of time.
  • In case, one fails to complete the course.
  • In case, you are laid off or cease to be employed.

Leave Application Processing and Recording

Once you apply for educational leave, your application will be forwarded for approval. It is recorded as well. The managers report directly to the human resource section. They will have direct contact with the Pay Centre. The person applying for the leave will get detailed information related to the leave from them.

Employment Insurance Claim

Employment and Social Development Department of Canada maintains a web record of your employment details. You can claim employment insurance directly from them. The web record is considered solid proof of employment insurance.

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What are the eligibility conditions for educational leave in Canada?

The first and foremost condition is that you must have three years of continuous service. And the second most important condition considered is if there is evidence of potential career development.

To whom one can submit the educational leave application?

It is usually submitted to the Deputy Head. For more information, you can reach out to the page

Can educational leave be taken for any type of course?

Well, it depends on two things

  • Whether your manager considers it relevant or not.
  • Your study permit must be used to enroll at a DLI (Designated Learning Institute). This serves as proof for your upcoming education. So, it is always suggested that you must check with your DLI and your manager first.

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