Final Fantasy 16 Renown explained: what is Renown and how to earn it

Every JRPG, and even games with RPG elements, likes to introduce new systems into the mix for you to learn and interact with. Most of the mechanics in Final Fantasy 16 will be familiar, like sidequests, upgrading gear, and unlocking abilities. However, later on, the game will introduce you to the Renown system once you take control of the Cursebreakers. This occurs once you reach the main hub of the game called Cid’s Hideaway after going through the main story until you reach A Chance Encounter. While you might be feeling content ignoring this new mechanic and just pushing on with the main story, there are plenty of reasons to learn it. Here’s a simple explanation of how the Renown system works in Final Fantasy 16.

What is Renown and how to earn it

A list of renown rewards in Final Fantasy 16.
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Without spoiling much, after Clive takes on a certain mantle and is in charge of Cid’s Hideaway, the Renown system will automatically be put into effect. This is meant to represent how much inspiration and support Clive has earned from the people of Valisthea in his cause and fight against the Blight. You can see how much Renown you currently have by visiting the Patron’s Whisper and talking to Desiree.

If you want to start building up that Renown, there are three main ways to do it. The first is simply doing story missions, but this will give small amounts and not nearly enough as the other two.

Your second option is to do sidequests. Every sidequest you get from this point in the game onward will now come with a specific Renown reward that you can see among the total rewards.

Hunts will be your biggest Renown grind. You will see how much Renown each Hunt will give you for completing it on the Hunt Board.

You don’t need to complete every quest and hunt to max out your Renown, but you will need to do the vast majority of them.

What Renown does

Aside from generally feeling good from helping people, why bother going the extra mile to build up Renown in Final Fantasy 16? For the rewards, of course! Speaking to Desiree at Patron’s Whisper not only lets you see your total Renown, but you can “spend” it on various things. We say “spend” because you don’t actually deduct your Renown, and simply get access to new rewards as you hit specific milestones. The more you get, the better rewards you can unlock. These start off simple, such as accessories and materials, but eventually even grant you ability points to upgrade skills. If you need something to help pull you along all the way through the Renown grind, the second-to-last reward you get for amassing a total of 2,365 Renown is the powerful Genji Gloves that increase your damage by 5%.

The final reward will cost 2,850 Renown, so get out there and win the people over!

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