Flash sale brings the Dell G16 gaming laptop to $1,000

An open Dell G16 laptop with its lid open.

You’re looking at a significant purchase if you want to get a decent machine from gaming laptop deals, but thankfully there are offers like Dell’s $300 discount for the Dell G16. From its original price of $1,300, it’s down to $1,000 — still not cheap, but worth every penny. The bargain price for the gaming laptop is part of a clearance sale though, which means there won’t be enough units available for all of the interested gamers. If you don’t want to miss out, you’re going to have to push through with the transaction right now.

Why you should buy the Dell G16 gaming laptop

The Dell G16 gaming laptop is ready to play the best PC games right after unboxing because it’s equipped with the 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. It has the 16GB of RAM that new AAA games demand, according to our guide on how much RAM you need. The machine also ships with Windows 11 Home pre-loaded, so you can start installing titles on its 512GB SSD immediately.

The processing power of the Dell G16 gaming laptop won’t be wasted on a small display, as it features a 16-inch screen with QHD+ resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. There’s no shortage of ports on this device — an HDMI port, a Thunderbolt 4 port with DisplayPort, and three USB ports — so if you want to hook it up to an even larger gaming monitor, or if you’ve got plenty of accessories that you want to use at the same time, it won’t be a problem with the Dell G16 gaming laptop.

Not all laptop deals will be able to meet the needs of gamers — you’ll have to buy a machine that’s built for the purpose like the Dell G16 gaming laptop. With Dell’s ongoing clearance sale, you’ll be able to enjoy $300 in savings with your purchase, as the device’s price is down to $1,000 from $1,300. The offer will only be available for a limited time though, as there’s a likely possibility that stock is running low. If you’re already looking forward to playing your favorite games on the Dell G16 gaming laptop, add it to your cart and check out immediately.

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