Get an Xbox Series S with an extra controller and save $70 at Walmart

Microsoft's Xbox Series S with two wireless controllers, on a white background.

Walmart is trying to steal the attention of gamers from Amazon’s Prime Day deals with this offer for the Microsoft Xbox Series S with an extra wireless controller. For Walmart+ Week, the bundle is available for just $290, following a 19% discount on its original price of $360. That’s $70 in savings that you can spend on more video games and accessories, but you’ll need to push through with the purchase right now if you want it because there’s a chance that stocks don’t last until the end of the day.

Why you should buy the Microsoft Xbox Series S with extra wireless controller

Microsoft’s lineup of current-generation consoles consists of the Xbox Series X and its less powerful but cheaper brother, the Xbox Series S. In our Xbox Series X versus Xbox Series S comparison, while the Xbox Series X is the winner due to its superior hardware and the presence of a disc drive, you’ll want to go for the Xbox Series S if you want a console that’s smaller, with a more elegant design compared to the towering presence of the Xbox Series X. Additionally, going for the cheaper Xbox Series S won’t prevent you from playing all of the best Xbox Series X games — in fact, you can also play the best Xbox One games, as well as some titles from the Xbox 360 and Xbox, due to Microsoft’s focus on backward compatibility.

The Xbox Series S only comes with one wireless controller, so the extra wireless controller in this bundle will let you play the best multiplayer games on the Xbox Series X that support a couch co-op or versus mode. If you’re only going to play solo, having an extra controller will also come in handy when the battery on the one that you’re using suddenly dies.

If you’re planning to jump into the current generation of consoles, you should consider Walmart’s offer for the Microsoft Xbox Series S with an extra wireless controller. From the bundle’s original price of $360, it’s currently down to $290 for Walmart+ Week. The 19% discount translates to savings of $70, but it’s not going to remain online forever. In fact, there’s a chance that it disappears sooner than expected, so if you want to get the Xbox Series S with an extra wireless controller for a bargain, you have to buy it right now.

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