GoPro unveils its latest action camera, the Hero12 Black

GoPro is back with the latest iteration of its popular action camera. The new GoPro Hero 12 Black is the kind of solid piece of kit we’ve come to expect from a company that’s been in the game for years. That’s actually created a bit of a problem for GoPro, with many customers happy to hang onto their current model rather than upgrade. So it’ll be hoping the latest version will be attractive enough to prompt a wave of purchases among current owners, while at the same time attracting a bunch of first-time buyers, too.

Notable with the new device is the battery life (using the supplied Enduro battery), which GoPro claims gets you up to double that of the Hero 11 Black, depending on the mode that’s used.

GoPro has also shown some love for creators on vertical video platforms such as TikTok and YouTube Shorts, adding a new 9:16 vertical capture mode, while support for Bluetooth headsets for playback and recording has also been added.

The ability to wirelessly synchronize multiple Hero 12 Black cameras via timecode on GoPro’s Quik app will be a welcome edition for pro users as it’ll allow footage of an activity that’s been captured from multiple angles to be edited more efficiently.

The new Hero 12 Black can capture videos in 5.3K (up to 30 frames per second (fps) in 16:9 aspect ratio), and 4K (up to 30fps in 8:7 and 60fps in 16:9), and also offers improved dynamic range. And, of course, the video continues to be stabilized by GoPro’s in-camera HyperSmooth technology.

Interestingly, GoPro has chosen to add blue speckles to the casing, making it look as if it was previously owned by a painter and decorater. Fortunately, the design isn’t too distracting and no doubt it’ll appeal to some buyers.

And GoPro has even gotten around to adding a 1/4-20 mounting thread so now it can be easily attached to most camera tripods without the need of an adapter.

The GoPro Hero 12 Black costs $400, though another $50 will get you a bunch of extras such as an additional battery, a handheld monopod, a head strap, and a carrying case. The new camera can be preordered now and lands in stores globally on September 13.

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