Himachal Pradesh Dearness Allowance (DA) Rates Update

The increase of Himachal Pradesh Dearness Allowance released from time to time for state government employees and pensioners with new HP DA rates after the announcement of AICPIN and DA by the Central Government.

At present the current increased DA effective from the 1st of July 2021 after unfrozen instructions, which will also be added with the announced date, and the entire excess amount will be credited to the employee and pensioner in a timely manner. In the salary structure, Dearness Allowance is accounted by the government for their respective employees which is based on the union or state budget session.

Every pay commission or budget session is likely to announce Dearness Allowance and in the recent budget session after the announcement for central government employees DA, the state government has also initiated to add extra budget and provide Dearness Allowance to their employees and pensioner.

Himachal Pradesh Dearness Allowance (DA Rates) Table

Period from Increased DA Total DA
01.07.2021 3 31
01.01.20 / 01.07.20, 01.01.21, (Freeze period) 3+4+4 28
01.07.2019 5 17
01.01.2019 3 12
01.07.2018 2 9
01.01.2018 2 7
01.07.2017 1 5
01.01.2017 2 4
01.07.2016 2 2
01.01.2016 0 0

For orders on Himachal Pradesh employee Dearness allowance rates, please visit the authentic page himachal.nic.in. We post the update as and when govt releases the instructions for increase or decrease of DA rates as per price index.

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