Honkai: Star Rail 1.2: how to get Yukong for free

As of its 1.2 update, Honkai: Star Rail offers one more free four-star character. Yukong, the fox-eared leader of the Skyfaring Commission, appears at the start of the Trailblazer’s adventure on board the Xianzhou Luofu, a planet-like ship infected by a cancerous interstellar object called a Stellaron. You can currently get a copy of the former Xianzhou pilot by completing certain requirements.

You need to complete two requirements to get Yukong for free:

  • Complete the Trailblaze Mission A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant
  • Complete Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou Luofu Stage 1

Here’s exactly how to complete both of those requirements.

Is Yukong a good character? What does she do?

back of fox-eared woman with blue hair holding bird-shaped device

Honkai: Star Rail features seven elements: Physical, Ice, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Quantum, and Imaginary. Yukong is the first Imaginary character that you can get for free, so she’s especially useful for anyone who couldn’t pull Imaginary five-star characters Welt and Luocha. She also plays a separate role from those two as a Harmony character.

Instead of healing allies or weakening enemies, Yukong specializes in buffing her teammates’ stats. She raises different stats and wields a different element than other Harmony characters, so how well she performs depends on type advantages and overall synergy with her teammates’ movesets. More specifically, she raises attack with her Skill and Crit Rate and Crit DMG with her Ultimate.

You already have access to at least one Harmony character for free and have the opportunity to pull for others from the standard banner. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try Yukong when she’s such an accessible character.

How to complete A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant mission

end of a dragon gallant, its ocean distant quest confirmation in honkai: star rail

Trailblaze Missions follow Honkai: Star Rail‘s main plotline. If there are any Trailblaze Missions available, they should appear at the top of the Missions tab the moment you open it.

A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant is the last leg of the latest chapter. In it, the Trailblazer, Dan Heng, and friends confront the main villain of the Xianzhou Luofu Stellaron incident. You should get a notification about completing the mission after you finish the boss battle and return to safety.

This isn’t necessarily the last chapter of the Xianzhou Luofu arc, just the latest. It’s unclear how many more missions will be involved and how much longer the story of the Xianzhou will continue.

How to complete Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou Luofu Stage 1

xianzhou luofu section of forgotten hall with floating blue gems and stars

If you haven’t already unlocked the Forgotten Hall, you should do so now. It’s an important part of unlocking new characters, resources, and more. Learn how to unlock and complete the Fleeting Lights quest to unlock the Forgotten Hall by reading our guide.

The Forgotten Hall has more than one section. The Jarilo VI stages feature the enemies and bosses you’ve fought in that world. Meanwhile, the Memory of Chaos section combines enemies from the different worlds into one hectic mishmash. HoYoverse added the Xianzhou Luofu stages to the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, which includes the foes you’ve faced on board the Xianzhou.

Stage 1 is just the fancy name for the first world in the Xianzhou Luofu section of the Forgotten Hall. If you’ve been regularly leveling up your best team members and reached the current “endgame,” the level 50 enemies in the first stage should be easy to crush with your over-leveled units.

How long will I have to get Yukong for free?

yukong travel log promotional banner with highlighted claim character button

Until further notice. There isn’t an end date listed for Yukong’s Travel Log promo. It’s a permanent event similar to Qingque’s, which also involves unlocking a character through the Forgotten Hall. If you open your phone dashboard and go to the Travel Log, you should see the offer to unlock Yukong under the “To Retire Upon the Perch” promotional banner.

After completing the two requirements listed in this guide, you should be able to click the “claim character” button on Yukong’s promo. You will receive her immediately. If you already have her, you will unlock her first Eidolon.

It wasn’t clear that “To Retire Upon the Perch” would be a permanent event until this update. Yukong initially debuted as a four-star character with boosted drop rates in Honkai: Star Rail 1.1. At that time, the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 livestream confirmed that players would have the opportunity to earn her for free in version 1.2 if they couldn’t get her in 1.1.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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