How an Employee Check In the Baggage in Airport?

Faced some problem when I entered into Airport to check in my baggage and presenting the process identified to overcome if you are an employee or individual traveling outside your city or country…

This guide may surely make use of air travel for faster means. In the same sense, you might puzzled mind for starters and beginners who travel for the first time from the airport and need to understand how luggage checked into the airport.

Well, it might seem difficult, hard, and even new to someone who is traveling for the first time but we have ensured to instruct the method through which you can check in your luggage at the airport baggage counter without any worries.

How to Check in your Baggage at the Airport?

So, before you enter the airport, you will need to ensure that your tickets booked for the correct timed flight, then you either need to have the boarding pass on your phone or printed out in order to show to the security while boarding inside the airport before baggage and security check.

Step 1: Security Check

Once you cleared by the entry security guards that check your boarding pass and assist you to take the correct counter for the international or domestic flights.

All types of bags which may either carry on or the stored baggage may check at this space in order to ensure the safety of the flight and passengers to check for any dangerous items or things that are not acceptable during a flight.

Step 2: Flight Check in Counter/ Baggage Check in Counter

You can view that there is a counter based along with a weight machine beside which shows Onboarding counter. This will again have to first show your boarding pass. Through this, the representative will check the amount of baggage allowed to carry.

Step 3: Weight Check in for Luggage

Once approved and confirmed for flight, then the representative will guide you to the weighing counter. It is beside the onboarding counter where your baggage weight taken in order to ensure that it is not overweight.

Step 4: Carry on Baggage

This is the type of baggage that includes a handbag, that you can carry on your back or any bag of the sort that is not more than 12 inches. This may not exceed the carry-on baggage size. Mostly the carry on baggage size is nearly 7 – 12 Kgs.

Step 5: On Flight Stored Baggage

The second type of baggage is large in size and weight that you cannot take on the flight with you. But this may store in plane’s luggage department. This type of baggage is nearly 20 – 35 Kgs in weight as per your itinerary.

The representative will check the weight for luggage allots your air travel itinerary and check your baggage weight. If the weight is under the limit then they will wrap the luggage. They also provide you with itinerary tags of your own. You can stick to your baggage for finding it easily during the checking out luggage time.

  1. Does my luggage exceeding the weight limit cause any problem with my travel?

    No, if your on hand luggage that you can keep with you on the flight and the second baggage which you can check in at the baggage counter exceeds the limit, then you may simply pay extra fees for the KG of weight exceeded as per the piercing dictated by the airport authority which will allow you to check in your luggage even if it is overweight.

  2. Can I check in my luggage as early as possible?

    All around the world, the Airport authorities have a predetermined rule that no baggage can be check in before 4 hours of your departure of the flight. So, it simply means that you can only check in 4 hours before your flight takes off.

  3. After checking in luggage, How can I tag my bags and items in the luggage?

    Once you have checked in your luggage after the weighting process is done then you will be given an itinerary which is your travel boarding and pass that you can stick to your luggage inside and outside as well in order to ensure you know this is your bag while checking your baggage out.

  4. Can I use a web check in order to check in my luggage?

    Yes, most of the airport services are now allowing the web check-in process for baggage in which you will be allowed to check in for your luggage as early as 72 hours to 2 hours before your flight departure.

    But I need to ensure that while dropping the baggage after web check in the weight should be proper or else you will have to wait around to pay for the extra weight again.

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