How to beat Balteus in Armored Core 6

The first chapter of Armored Core 6 will teach you all the basics you need to know when jumping into your AC mech on a mission. You might face a tough mission or two here and there, and even a challenging boss, but you likely won’t hit a real roadblock until the final boss of chapter 1, Balteus. This boss acts much differently from any enemy you faced before, and won’t go easy on you. If you’re struggling to survive in this hectic encounter, here’s how to beat Balteus in Armored Core 6.

Balteus boss guide

A flying mech launching dozens of missiles in the air.
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Why will Balteus give you so much trouble? This is the first boss with a shield, and it can unleash what feels like an impossible amount of missiles upon you. When entering this fight, it is important that you have something that can quickly deal with its shields, such as a pulse gun or strong assault rifle, plus something on your shoulders like missile launchers for when it’s time to deal direct damage.

When Balteus shoots a swarm of missiles at you, your best bet is to use Assault Boost to get clear, but don’t try to get in close. Stay at whatever range you can with your weapons to pepper it with shots to drain its shield and build up stagger. Once that shield pops, unleash everything you’ve got to take advantage of its vulnerability. Its shields take a bit to recharge, so you may get two or more staggers in before it gets it back and you need to back off.

At around 50% HP, Balteus gets a new move where it starts glowing white. Immediately retreat when you see this, as it will unleash an area of effect blast while also regaining shields. From that point, it will start attacking with its flaming swords that can eat through your health very fast, plus a cannon. If you get too far away, it will use those missiles again, so try and stay in medium range, picking shots, dodging, and working on getting that shield down again. Once drained, if you’re packing a melee weapon, Assault Boosting in for a slash deals a ton of damage that can help end the fight before it ends you.

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