How to clear a bounty in Starfield

Bethesda RPGs are known for letting you play however you want, and Starfield is no different. You can be the honorable hero who upholds the law, or a cutthroat criminal who does whatever they please to make some Credits. It’s all up to you, but nothing you do goes unnoticed. Whether you’re intentionally running around causing trouble, get caught trying to be sneaky, or simply hit a button on accident that draws the eye of the law, there’s bound to be a point where you get a bounty put on your head. If you want to get a clean slate in Starfield, you can always pay off your bounty yourself to avoid any negative consequences. Here’s the proper way to pay off your debt.

A tutorial on what crime is in Starfield.

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How to clear your bounty

Whatever way you get a bounty, there are two main ways to clear it. If a guard notices your crime, they will immediately stop you and give you the option to pay the fine and avoid jail time then and there. If not, you will need to go to a specific spot to clean your record. Since going to jail will drain some XP, you obviously don’t want to do that if possible.

Step 1: With a bounty, travel to Akila City.

Step 2: Immediately inside the town, you will see the Hitching Post building on your right.

Step 3: In the back right will be two kiosks, one of which is called the Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk.

A kiosk describing how to clear a bounty in Starfield.

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Step 4: Interact with it and you will see any bounty you currently have and the option to pay it off.

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