How to fast travel in Starfield

Part of the appeal of games like Starfield is exploring all the planets and environments. As advertised, there are hundreds of planets you can choose to visit, and each one is massive. Once you’ve been somewhere, or have wandered off hundreds of meters from your ship, you may just want to fast travel back and avoid the long trek. This is a simple option you get access to almost right away, but it’s easily forgotten or confused, so here’s a quick rundown on how to fast travel in Starfield.

How to fast travel

Fast travel becomes an option right after the opening where you create your character and learn to fly your ship. Once you’ve touched down on a planet, you are free to fast travel back to your ship or to any previously discovered locations on that planet.

Step 1: While on a planet, there are two ways to fast travel. First is to open your scanner with the F key.

Step 2: Look on your HUD for the icon of either your ship or the location you want to fast travel to.

Looking at the horizon of a planet with a scanner to fast travel.


Step 3: Press E to initiate fast travel there.

Step 4: The second way is to open up your map with the M key.

Step 5: Select the location you want to travel to and press E to travel there.

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