How to find the Tomb of the Stone King in Wayfinder

You’re going to spend a good bit of your time in Wayfinder exploring the open biome known as the Highlands, and you’ll typically be given pretty accurate quest markers to indicate where you need to go. However, in the case of the quest “Tomb of the Stone King,” you’ll be left to discover the location of the tomb entirely on your own. Well, not entirely on your own – you’ve got us here to help you pinpoint the spot you need to visit in the Highlands. Read on for where to find the Tomb of the Stone King.

Tomb of the Stone King location

The Tomb of the Stone King is located in the Highlands in the vicinity of Ironstone Keep. If you haven’t visited this area yet, you’ll find it along the edge of the map as you venture south through the biome. If you’ve been here before, though, you can fast travel to this location to make the process go by a bit faster.

Map showing the entrance to the Tomb of the Stone King
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Once you’re at Ironstone Keep, walk down the stairs and face away from the fast travel point, then head to your left out of the keep. Just ahead of you will be a small cave that you can enter, so make your way over and begin descending. Inside, you’ll find the Tomb of the Stone King, which you can then interact with to complete the quest and earn some Memory Fragments, as well as a chunk of both character experience and Reward Tower experience.

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