How to Make Awesome Wallpapers for Any Device With MidJourney

Fantasy Art of Knights Battling a Dragon
MidJourney/Sydney Butler/How-To Geek

The art of creating personalized wallpapers is at your fingertips with MidJourney. By understanding your device’s aspect ratio, using descriptive prompts, experimenting with variations, and leveraging AI upscalers, you can transform your device’s display into a canvas for AI-generated art.

Instead of trawling websites to find the perfect picture to decorate your devices, why not use AI images to create the perfect, personal decoration for your gadgets? Here’s how you can use MidJourney to make a wallpaper for any device.

Note: This guide assumes that you already know the basics of making art with MidJourney. If not, we suggest you head over to our MidJourney beginner’s guide before proceeding.

First, Figure Out Your Aspect Ratio

Your wallpaper’s aspect ratio is the ratio of its width to its height. It’s fundamental to understand this before creating your wallpapers. That’s because if the aspect ratio of your wallpaper doesn’t match that of your device’s display, it could be stretched, squished, or cropped, leading to an unsightly result. In MidJourney, you can specify the aspect ratio by adding “–ar” followed by your desired ratio, like “–ar 16:9” to your prompt.

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Typically, smartphones use an aspect ratio of 9:16, tablets 4:3, and most monitors 16:9. However, there are also ultrawide monitors which have an aspect ratio of 21:9. To be certain, you can check your device’s aspect ratio under its display settings or do a quick search online.

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If you know the pixel count or even just the dimensions of your devices, you can also use one of several online aspect ratio calculators to figure out what you’re working with.

Tip: For a device like a tablet, which is used in both landscape and portrait modes, it’s better to use its landscape aspect ratio as your basis, since in portrait mode it will simply crop the sides and usually center the subject of the image.

Prepare Your Prompt

MidJourney allows you to use a written prompt to guide the creation of your wallpaper. This is a string of text that describes the type of image you want. The prompt can be as simple or as detailed as you want. For instance, a prompt could be “a serene beach at sunset” or “an intricate mandala design with hues of blue and gold”.

You don’t have to be a wordsmith to come up with effective prompts. Just describe the scene or the vibe you want your wallpaper to convey. The more specific you are with the prompt, the closer the AI will get to the vision you have in mind.

In this example, we’re asking for a 21:9 (ultrawide) image with the prompt:

concept art alien planet multiple moons jungle --ar 21:9

Wallpaper output with four options to choose from after prompting MidJourney.

As usual, MidJourney presents us with four takes on the prompt. From here you can use the “U1”, “U2”, etc. buttons to upscale the ones you like.

Ultrawide Wallpaper generated by MidJourney with an alien forest planet design.
MidJourney/Sydney Butler/How-To Geek

Tip: Don’t download the image directly from Discord, instead use the “Open in Browser” button on the image preview in discord to access the full-quality version of the image!

Create Variations

Don’t forget to use those “V” buttons to create variations of the image from the initial results that are the closest to what you wanted, or that you like the most. The next four image will be based on that image as a starting point.

Midjourney Variations Example

Use an Extra AI Upscaler (Optional)

While MidJourney already offers quality settings that are more than up to the task for the average user, if you have a penchant for meticulous detail or if you’re sporting a larger or ultrawide display, you might want to go the extra mile with an AI upscaler.

So, what’s this AI upscaler and why should you bother? Well, these clever tools use machine learning to enhance an image when it’s enlarged. Instead of the typical pixelation or blurriness that you see when you blow up an image the old-fashioned way, an AI upscaler intelligently fills in the gaps. It adds the missing details, leaving you with a wallpaper that’s sharper and boasts a higher resolution.

It’s like giving your wallpaper a superpower. You’re turning up the volume on its quality. And the best part? There’s a range of AI upscaling services out there in the wild, from free to paid, just waiting for you to take advantage of them after you’ve created your masterpiece in MidJourney. Here are a few free services you can try:

Remember, the beauty of MidJourney is in its flexibility. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different prompts, aspect ratios, and settings. The more you use it, the more you’ll understand how it interprets your prompts and the better your results will be!

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