I found the perfect accessory to help me stop losing my iPhone

An iPhone 14 Pro hanging on Casetify's Utility Crossbody Lanyard strap.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

If there’s one piece of tech that I simply can’t go without, it’s my iPhone 14 Pro. I’ve been upgrading my iPhone every year, and it’s my daily driver, even though I have also used a variety of Android phones since I started here at Digital Trends.

However, I’ve also had the worst luck when it comes to keeping my iPhone 14 Pro on me at all times, especially at a place like Disneyland. It’s become a kind of inside joke with my husband and family after I’ve left my iPhone behind numerous times in bathroom stalls at the “happiest place on Earth,” and one time, it even slipped out of my legging pocket while on Hyperspace Mountain (on my birthday, of all days)!

Yet somehow, I’ve (luckily) recovered my iPhone each time. But since these incidents, my husband always teases me about it, even saying that I need some kind of strap to keep my phone on me at all times.

Well, I began seeing ads for Casetify’s Utility Cross-body Lanyard for phones while I browsed Facebook, so I was intrigued. I got a pink-and-purple one to test out, and boy, these have been lifesavers for someone like me — especially on my recent family vacation.

Simple and universal functionality

Casetify's Utility Crossbody Lanyard strap attached to the strap card in iPhone 14 Pro with case on.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

How do Casetify’s phone straps work? Each strap you buy comes with a universal strap card. It’s a little card that you slip into the bottom of your phone case, and it has a tab with a D-ring that sticks out of the bottom, where the charging port is. But don’t worry, it doesn’t cover the port, so you can still charge it with the strap card in the case — you just have to move it a bit when plugging in.

The strap card does add a tiny bit of thickness to the case, which makes sense. However, it isn’t too noticeable in the end, and you kind of get used to it. I used the strap card with one of Casetify’s Disney Impact Cases, which is fairly slim, but highly protective (I’ve dropped this case style numerous times). Once the strap card is installed in your case, just attach the carabiner ring on the strap to the D-ring. Easy-peasy.

While I have Casetify’s Utility Cross-body Lanyard, there are a few different styles that Casetify offers, including rope, metal chains, leather chains, and more. I only picked the Utility style because it offers more functionality.

The Utility Lanyard features a magnetic Fidlock slide buckle, making it easy to put the strap on and take it off when needed, like if you don’t want to just raise it over your head. I like Fidlock buckles on bags, so it was nice seeing it on the strap, as the quick-release feature does come in handy.

The strap itself is made with a durable recycled nylon material that is strong and waterproof, though it’s not recommended to overexpose it to harsh chemicals like chlorine and minerals in water. The Utility Lanyard also has five additional loops in the nylon strap itself, which allow you to carry other essentials, like your keys or an AirPods case with a carabiner.

While I used Casetify’s Utility Cross-body Lanyard with my iPhone 14 Pro, it’s compatible with most Android phones, as long as you use a case. On Casetify’s site, it does list that the straps are compatible with all full coverage cases and Casetify’s cases, except for: Push-in cases, Google Pixel Fold cases, Galaxy Z Fold cases, Galaxy Z Flip cases (Z Flip 3 and Z Flip 4), and cases for the iPhone XS and older iPhone devices.

A perfect solution when you have no pockets

Casetify's Utility Crossbody Lanyard strap being worn.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

As a female, one of the things that I struggle with most is finding suitable pockets in clothes. A lot of pockets on women’s jeans are too small for large phones these days, so they typically end up sticking out. I’ve been wearing leggings ever since I was pregnant because they’re just so comfortable and stretchy. However, I have to put extra effort into finding leggings with pockets.

But even then, putting my iPhone 14 Pro in a side pocket on my leggings multiple times throughout the day, over the course of weeks and months, will eventually stretch out the pocket — or at least make it a bit looser than when I started. I think that’s the reason why my phone actually slipped out while riding Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland (I noticed something was missing as I was exiting the building, and I think that’s when my heart flew out of my chest). It then decided to take another ride without me.

Casetify's Utility Crossbody Lanyard strap being used while taking a photo with iPhone 14 Pro.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I’ve found the Casetify Utility Cross-body Lanyard to be perfect when I’m lacking suitable pockets or just want to go hands-free either for short stints (or even all-day affairs). I’ve adjusted the strap to be a little longer than the default length, so it feels more like a cross-body purse for me. Having a bit of give in the length also allows me to easily grab it when I want to take photos.

I took the strap with me when I went on a family vacation to San Diego, and for the most part, it worked flawlessly. I had my iPhone 14 Pro with me at all times, it was always within reach, and I didn’t worry about losing it since it was on me the entire time.

I did get a little frustrated when trying to take selfies, as I would either have to wear the strap like a necklace or just take it off the carabiner because the length wasn’t good for a selfie shot. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to get the phone on and off the strap, but if I was just getting a regular photo or video, having the strap around my neck was perfectly fine — albeit super touristy (which I was).

The iPhone accessory I’ve been waiting for

Casetify's Utility Crossbody Lanyard strap with iPhone 14 Pro and AirPods Pro Case attached.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

After my Hyperspace Mountain incident, I’ve been a little paranoid about my phone when going on rides. However, I went on the Manta ride at SeaWorld with just my lanyard strap and had no problems at all. I wore the strap cross-body style, and my iPhone 14 Pro stayed secure in the carabiner loop, nestled between me and the lap bar without an issue during the entire ride. I also had it on The Dragon ride at Legoland, and I kind of just put my phone between my side and the seat and had no issues. With the lanyard phone strap, my iPhone 14 Pro never flew out once.

As for my bad habit of leaving my phone in the restroom stalls, that’s also solved because it’s simply hanging around my neck. That way, I don’t set it down on top of the toilet paper holders or whatever non-floor surface I can find as I take care of business.

It became a joke with my in-laws because of my tendency to lose my phone, but honestly, having my phone on a strap has been game-changing. If you’re like me and easily misplace or lose your phone more times than you’d like to admit, I can’t recommend one of these straps enough.

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