Immortals of Aveum: best talents to unlock

Jak is special in the world of Immortals of Aveum. He’s one of the few who can wield all three types of magic — red, blue, and green — and you will be swapping between them on the fly as you fight through the fantastical lands of Aveum in the Everwar. As talented as Jak is naturally, he has a lot to learn. The more you explore and fight, the more experience you gain, and the sooner you can begin unlocking more talents via a skill tree that will look familiar to anyone who has played RPGs in the past. Whether or not you’re comfortable with the layout, the issue always remains the same: figuring out which talents are worth investing in and which are better skipped over. Here are the best talents you should put your points into in Immortals of Aveum.

Best talents to unlock

The skill tree in Immortals of Aveum is broken into three sections, each related to the three colors of magic you have access to. However, a skill in the green tree, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean it will only benefit you when using that sigil. Here are the most versatile and best skills you should work toward unlocking in each branch.


The skill tree in Immortals of Aveum.

Gathering Chaos: This skill has two benefits. First is that it makes all red sigil attacks deal 10% more damage, and it also makes every kill you get with it create a stack that increases your red magic power by 50 for 8 seconds. You can stack it up to five times, meaning you can get a huge 250 power bonus if you chain your kills.

Consuming Corrosion: Corrosion is a status exclusive to red magic, but it’s not very useful until you add this skill. With this, corrosion will add a damage-over-time effect to enemies you inflict it upon.

Chaos Fissure: For a fun one, Chaos Fissure adds a fissure trail to your Blast Wave move that damages enemies, then explodes once the wave is done.


The skill tree in Immortals of Aveum.

Fast Shield: You’re going to be holding your shield up all the time, and normally, it slows you down to a crawl. This talent won’t make you move like normal, but gives a significant speed boost while blocking.

Perfect Block: Want to be rewarded for good timing? This talent makes it so your shield won’t take damage for the first second it is summoned, essentially allowing you to parry incoming attacks without draining shield health.

Shield Faint: Finally, because your shield is obviously so important, using a Blink will reduce the cooldown of your shield when it’s down, as well as restore 20% of its HP to bring it up even faster.


The skill tree in Immortals of Aveum.

Siphon Shield: Notice a theme here? To take your trusty shield even one step further, this talent converts 25% of the damage you block into HP for Jak.

Blink Surge: When you can’t block and need to dodge, Blinking with this talent will give you a 20% damage buff for 3 seconds immediately after a blink to put the pressure on.

Greater Blink: Finally, to really complete your defensive status, this talent gives you an extra Blink charge so you can correct dodge to your heart’s content.

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