Inter Divisional or Inter Railway Mutual Transfer Application

Presenting the new application format of Railway employee mutual transfer in case of Inter Railway or Inter Divisional, Check the process and submission requirements…

The Indian Railway organization has thousands of employees all across Indian and over the offices with various departments that you switch between, and If you are working in one of the related offices and are looking forward to transferring yourself either into the same division or other department of the railway then you can make use of this mutual transfer application form.

This form can be used who ascertain mutual transfer of two employees of the same department or to different departments as well, and this form also ascertains the grade pay change that you have in case the mutual transfer is for an employee with a promotion in motion.

Mutual Transfer Application Requirements

  1. Duly Filled Application Form in 4 sets by the two employees separetely
  2. Annexure 1 of both in 4 copies
  3. Annexure-2 of both in 4 sets

Process of Mutual Transfer

The two employees who seeks to change their places on mutual transfer can submit the necessary application form with recommendations for necessary approval, where the application will move as said below

  1. Dulty Filled application form by both the employees 1 and 2 must submit for Supervisory acceptance of both
  2. Supervisory to Branch Officer
  3. Branch Officer to Personnel / Establishment at Initiating Railway Division
  4. Personel branch to CPO’s Office (In case of Inter Railway)
  5. If all the above cases are completed, again reaches to Cadre Cadre Personnel Officer for Acceptance / Rejection.
  6. If accepted by 5, then it moves to other end division

Railway Employee Mutual Transfer Application Form

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