iOSMS Employee Login Registration and Password Reset

Find the changes taken place in iOSMS (Integrated Online Salary Management System) registration and how to reset the forgot password, check employee login user list in iOSMS web portal applicable for Grant in Aid employees in West Bengal…

iOSMS Login

The Government of West Bengal has come with an initiative of Integrated Online Salary Management System (iOSMS) for their employees who come under primary and secondary school education, and this is a unique website that has been bought and under control of the Government of West Bengal for Employees under Department of School Education.

Any employee who is working under institution and government schools under the State Government of West Bengal can avail these benefits of iOSMS login with required pay slip, to check the payroll details of employee and more, where the Department of National Informatics Center of West Bengal has been in collaboration to provide Salary to employees.

User list available in iOSMS employee Login

The following is the list of employees who are segregated based on their area of work, and the employees who want to login to the iOSMS portal and generate their Pay Slip need to confirm under which user their employment is being registered, So have a look at the list of users disturbed under their work experience and area.

  • State Level User who hols Administration of Online Salary requisition
  • District Level User are District Primary School Council Secretary or Finance Office
  • Subdivision Level User are those hold position of Drawing & Disbursing Officer
  • Circle Level User are Sub Inspectors of schools
  • School Level User are the Head of Institute and DA getting School
  • Webmaster are the rest employee who falls under Teaching staff

Employees under iOSMS are segregated under this separate list and one should remember to select appropriate options to generate the Pay Slip.

Access to the iOSMS (Integrated Online Salary Management System) Login page is a must to get the iOSMS payslip generated by using the above process, and the employees who come under the school education, department of the government of West Bengal need to follow the steps below to get themselves registered, and being an official and education department, the registration process will go through full Offline mode only.

iOSMS Login Registration

  • Visit your nearest School Education Department office or District Headquarters
  • Fill the Registration form to avail online features of iOSMS
  • Enter all your details correctly as Name, Date of Birth, Employment Mode
  • Active Mobile number should be submitted for verification purpose
  • Submit the Form with supporting documents to Department office
  • Employee will be given Username and Password for their verified details

These login credentials must be used to access the iOSMS pay slip Online facilities and mostly get your payment sheet displayed from anywhere.

How can I reset my Forgotten Password for iOSMS pay slip login?

There is no online process has been provided to reset the Password for iOSMS pay slip Login, thus, employees are requested to visit their department office and apply for Password reset by submitting valid details.

Is there any customer care or helpline available in online or offline for iOSMS

  • After registration to iOSMS login, the employee can approach the following email address for different levels mentioned
  • Administrative Help : [email protected]
  • Technical Help :

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