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The various Souls and Souls-adjacent games that FromSoftware has developed ever since Demon’s Souls have all introduced or iterated on new features that few, if any, other games ever attempted. We’re talking about more than just difficulty, too. Things like how the games handle death, leveling up, currency, and story were all fresh takes in the industry. Perhaps the most ambitious — and at times clunky — innovation came in how the games handled multiplayer as a component. With Elden Ring being the latest in its catalog, many wondered how FromSoftware would change these systems, if it did at all.

Elden Ring is a Souls game at heart, only now viewed through the lens of an open-world experience. Fans of the studio’s previous works will immediately recognize various multiplayer aspects, such as messages written by players and ghosts, and bloodstains showing the last moments of someone else’s life. Summoning help, invading, or being invaded, however, is the real meat of what people expect from a multiplayer standpoint, and these all are back in Elden Ring. But with the game coming to every major platform, including past-generation systems, will you be able to play with friends on different systems? Here’s all the info you need on whether or not Elden Ring is cross-platform.

Is Elden Ring cross-platform?

A tall statue towers over a foggy land in Elden Ring.

Unfortunately, Elden Ring does not have cross-platform support. You’ll never be able to explore with your friend on PC if you’re playing on console.

What the game does have is cross-gen support. This means that if you’re playing on either of the PlayStation systems –the  4 or 5 — then you can all play together in co-op or competitively. The same goes for both Xbox systems, with PC being left isolated as well. No console player can match up with anyone on PC. Whatever system you get the game on, you can only play with people on that same system.

At the very least, Elden Ring does offer free generation upgrades, such as for PS4 to PS5, for anyone who might not have their hands on the new systems yet, but still want to pick up the game.

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