Kroger Paystub at Kroger Worker Portal

Please note that Kroger has a separate Kroger worker portal for their employees through which they can find Kroger paystub with total salary, detailed pay information about them, holiday planning and more, but it is not just a Paystub but it is an employee self service portal.

Working in retail superstore like Kroger can be a lot of things but to make sure you receive your payment details and more information in one place at Kroger express HR which has their own Kroger Paystub portal for all their employees.

In this article we will help both existing and new Kroger employees on how they can login to their Kroger Express HR portal.

Kroger Paystub

All the Kroger employees can simply go through the instructions below to understand how to login to Kroger Paystub to download and print on demand.

  1. Open the Kroger Pay stub portal from employee self service portal
  2. Enter your Enterprise user ID and password
  3. Click on I Agree button
  4. Tap on the Login button and you will be logged into your Kroger worker portal ESS account.
  5. Select the respective month
  6. Find the Paystub details and decide to print or download the Kroger paystub.

How do I get my pay stubs account details from Kroger?

You will receive your Kroger Pay Stub account details on your registered email address. You need to sign up to their Kroger Worker portal to set up account from email you receive on registered.

What is the website for Kroger employee worker portal

Kroger employees can access their Pay Stub employee self service portal at Kroger HR express pay stub portal from

Is there a Kroger app for employees?

Though there is a Kroger app for employees, the Kroger employee Pay stub self-service portal is designed better for employees to manage their pay and more things.

How to reset Kroger worker portal User ID

Go to Krosger ESS portal from and then click on the User ID Help option. It will have directions on the User ID. You can retrieve it from your registered email ID or by reaching out to Kroger HR.

How to reset Kroger Paystub login password

From the Kroger ESS portal, click on Password help. Select one of the options to reset your password with a simple OTP confirmation from your registered email address with some details.

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