Manipur DA / DR Rates for Employee and Pensioner

List of Manipur DA / DR Rates presented as per the recent announcement. Check the % in Dearness Allowance / Relief with new effective date applicable to employee and pensioner…

Manipur State Chief Secretary has recently issued the order of Dearness Allowance which is payable to the state government employees and respective pensioner. The Manipur Dearness Allowance of state will be increased to 28% from December 2022, which may apply to both state Government employees and retired pensioners.

The increase in Dearness Allowance as per the increased AICPIN, which will bring a hold to the long struggle of the employees who were requesting to increase the DA which is an official process by the state government every year.

The following is the payable Dearness Allowance (DA) for employee and Dearness Relief (DR) for Pensioner / FP under State Government of Manipur. The below rates may calculate on basic pay of the employee.

Manipur Employee DA Rates

DA Payable from Increased DA % Total DA%
01.12.2022 7 28
01.06.2022 3.5 21
01.04.2022 3.5 17.5
01.10.2021 7 14

Since 2020, due to a pandemic situation, the Dearness Allowance increase was not announced and this year the announcement made it clear that DA of government employees will be increased. For more information, please check the source The increase in values of Dearness Allowance applied from the effective date mentioned, and the whole calculated amount may paid to eligible employees and pensioners.

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