Pikmin 4: all onion locations

The plant-like creatures known as Pikmin come in more shapes and colors than ever before in Pikmin 4. These colors do more than give each Pikmin a different style — they also indicate what that type of Pikmin can do. The basic Red Pikmin, for example, is fireproof. If you haven’t played the previous entries, you may not be aware of how you go about creating these various Pikmin types. The answer is the colored onions you can find scattered throughout the game. By collecting them and bringing them back to your base, you can unlock the ability to make more of a specific Pikmin type. Here’s where you can find each of the onion colors in Pikmin 4.

Note that the new Glow Pikmin do not have an onion in Pikmin 4 and can only be found while exploring at night. There are also some onion colors that appear multiple times, but you only need to collect one of them to unlock the ability to make that Pikmin type.

Where to find the Red onion

The Red onion is impossible to miss. You will collect it during the tutorial mission called “Rescue Command Post,” so there’s no way to start the game proper without it.

Where to find the Yellow onions

A crewmember approaching a yellow onion in Pikmin 4.

There are two Yellow onions you can find in Pikmin 4. The first you can find is in Sun-Speckled Terrace, and requires you to gather up some Yellow Pikmin from some caves first. Once you have a group, head to the far west end of the map just below the small moat around the island with the stopwatch icon on it. Use your Yellow Pikmin to break through the electric gate blocking your way in, then look in the southwest corner for a paper bag that you need 20 Pikmin of any type to flatten. Once you’re over that, you can extract the Yellow onion.

The second Yellow onion is in Blossoming Arcadia. From Base 1, head across the bridge and turn to your right to find a wall you can destroy. After breaking through, move up the hill and easily grab this onion.

Where to find the Blue onions

Collin saying how onions come in tons of colors in Pikmin 4.

The first Blue onion is also in Sun-Speckled Terrace. This one is near the middle of the map, but across the large pond, meaning that you’ll first need to collect at least 30 Ice Pikmin to get across, plus 10 more to build and some combination of additional Pikmin and Oatchi to carry the onion back. After freezing the water, cross over and use your Pikmin to build the wall in the corner. Call all your units back, climb over, and pluck out the onion. At this point, you will need to freeze the water again and use Oatchi and your other Pikmin to get it all the way back.

If you’d rather get the second Blue onion, you will need to wait until you get to Serene Shores. On the north part of the map, by the sandcastle, you can spot it in the small pool of water. Since this one is underwater, you will need to have at least 20 Blue Pikmin ato take the plunge and pull it out. Watch out for the fish, too!

Where to find the Ice onion

A crewmember riding oatchi down to an ice onion in a freezer.
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The Ice onion, or light blue onion, is found in Hero’s Hideaway after you beat the Frozen Inferno Dungeon, which you will need the Scorch Guard for yourself and Oatchi to enter. Once out the other side, head to the end of the counter where you can hop on a fan going up and down. Get off at the bottom to stand on the open freezer drawer and pick up the Ice onion.

Where to find the Rock onion

A castaway riding oatchi toward a black onion.

These last four onion types come in the postgame for Pikmin 4, starting with the Rock onion in Giant’s Hearth. Starting from the Abandoned Throne, face the hearth and go left to a wall. Use some Bomb Rocks to blast it down and head through. As you head toward the onion in the top-right corner, beware the ambush from the giant enemy. Take it down and collect your onion.

Where to find the Winged onion

A spaceman with his pikmin near a pink onion.

This Winged onion, or Pink onion, is only accessible after you defeat Loui in the Dandori Battle and go to the Primordial Thicket. Once here, go to Base 2 and head up the hill to the box, making sure to clear away the poison geysers to make your life easier on the way back. Push the box to make a bridge, cross it, and follow the path right to the Winged onion.

Where to find the Purple and White onion

The reward screen for a pikmin 4 dandori battle.

The final two onions are both tied to completing the Trial of the Sage Leaf questline rather than finding them in the world. The White onion will come first as a reward for beating the fifth stage of the quest called “The White Key.” The Purple onion will take a little longer since it is the reward for beating the final challenge called “The Purple Key.”

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