PS5 just crashed to the cheapest price we’ve ever seen

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It’s easy to assume the best PlayStation deals come from big name retailers but you’ll be surprised at where has the console at the cheapest price right now. While Best Buy is offering the

, Monoprice has undercut it a tiny bit by bringing the console down to $440. An overall saving of $60, that’s just the right amount to effectively buy a new game for free. Keen to know more? We bet you are. Here’s what else you might wish to know before you click the buy button.

Why you should buy the Sony PlayStation 5

As with all game consoles, there’s a battle between many for figuring out which is the best overall. Still, what we are confident of is that the PlayStation 5 meets next-gen expectations. It has a potentially divisive design on the exterior but inside is a ton of power. Games load within seconds with no load screens in sight once you’re in-game a lot of the time. While its storage could be a little greater with only 667GB of the 825GB hard drive available for games, it’s simple to add on one of the best SSDs to expand that storage space.

We’re huge fans of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller too. It refines haptic feedback giving you a much more precise sense of touch. Adaptive triggers are great for feeling more in control while there’s a built-in microphone for making voice comms easier. It’s a great controller for using with the best PS5 games with exclusives like God of War: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Miles Morales sure to delight.

The console is capable of providing up to 120 fps along with 120Hz output on 4K displays so everything will look seriously gorgeous here. It even boosts the quality of PS4 games so you have thousands of games to discover.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is normally priced at $500 but right now, you can buy it from Monoprice for $440 so you save $60. Previously tough to get hold of, the PlayStation 5 is more readily available but it’s still unusual to see it quite so cheap as it is right now. If you’ve been holding out for a while, this is your chance.

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