Railway Pay Fixation Option Form to Excercise on Promotion

Download or Print the form of exercise of an option for Railway pay fixation and increment date on promotion to the next higher grade/post with choice option opted…

The Form of option is a prescribed application submitted by the employee to the Indian Railways after ensuring their Payscale, and every employee does have a fixed Basic Salary along with other increment values including the deduction.

This Form for the exercise of an option is written by the employee for fixation of pay on promotion to the next higher grade/post, and it is an official agreement to the Indian Railway from employees that any amount other than agreed created in the employee account, will be refunded as per the rules.

This is a form that is signed by Indian Railway with respective employees, to ensure they don’t make a loss or change the salary structure mistakenly with two options allowed to opt as mentioned from the date of promotion of from the next date of increment given in the form below.

Pay Scale Excercise of Option

This option form should submit to the concerned through controlling officer on or before the pay fixation, and based upon the employee option, the concerned HR and PAY team will fix the new salary structure and increment date.

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