Remnant 2 release time, file size, and preload options

If you’ve already got your character archetype picked out, your squad all lined up, and a fresh stress ball ready for when the going gets tough in Remnant 2, the only thing left to do before launch is make sure your system is good to go. This sequel promises to be bigger in just about every way than the original, with more classes, areas, quests, and bosses, plus a unique experience every time you play thanks to random generation. What isn’t random is when you will be able to jump in, especially if you plan ahead and make sure you have enough space and preload the game early. Here’s when Remnant 2 will come out, how big it will be, and when you can start your preloads.

Remnant 2 release time

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Remnant 2 will have two release times. The “normal” one is for those who preordered either the Standard or Deluxe Edition of the game. If you have this version, you can start preloading at 4 p.m. PT or 7 p.m. ET on July 23.

If you paid a bit extra to get the Ultimate Edition, which comes with three days of early access, preloads will start early at 4 p.m. PT or 7 p.m. ET on July 19.

Remnant 2 file size

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As of now, file sizes are known for the PC and Xbox versions of Remnant 2, while the PlayStation version is still a mystery.

On PC, you will need at least 80GB of space, while Xbox users will need to free up only 64GB of space. We assume the PlayStation version will be of a similar size to the Xbox’s. Either way, this is a nice and smaller size compared to many of the massive games we’ve had so far in 2023.

Remnant 2 preload options

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As long as you preorder Remnant 2, regardless of the edition, you will be eligible to start preloading at the times mentioned above, with Ultimate Edition owners getting that four-day head start.

Remnant 2 pre-order details

If you have yet to preorder Remnant 2 and want to make sure you’re able to play the moment the game officially launches, you can still secure your version of choice via the game’s official website.

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