SBI HRMS Login for State Bank Staff & Pensioners ESS

Login to SBI HRMS SAP ESS new IRJ self service Login Portal at to manage SBI working employee facilities and to view all the pension details for an SBI pensioner…

In simple terms, the SBI HRMS stands for State Bank of Indian Human Resource Management System which is an all in one platform to get different employee services right away such as details of the salary, Profile Information, Vacation, Career History, Apply Leave, Download Salary slip, View Pay or Pension details, Check Holidays, Apply Tour and other financial beneficial information of SBI working employee and pensioner.

SBI HRMS is a self service ESS portal for all the employees of State Bank of India all across the country, and this portal serves as a Human Resource Management System for present working and retired employees of SBI in order to exercise different information and benefits through ‘Multi-factor Authorization’.

We all know about SBI which is a government based banking system as PSU, but it is one of the India’s and also world’s leading bank in all services, You might wonder why would SBI need to have such a complex system of HR, Well the answer is simple because SBI has over lakhs of employees all across the world with 13,000 branches in India and 191 offices across the seven seas.


  1. Browse the SBI HRMS Employee Self Service portal official webpage
  2. Click on Login button on top right corner in home page
  3. After that SBI HRMS login webpage will appear, where you have to enter the asked information
  4. Enter your User ID and Password
    • I would always advise to use the Enable virtual keyboard settings for extra precaution from keyloggers
  5. Click Login

HRMS SBI Benefits / Features

Well there are many employees of State bank of India who might not know about all the benefits and features which this banking system has to offer. We have got some of the most important and beneficial features that you might consider looking into.

Facility Usage
Salary Slip Can use by Employee / Pensioner for every month pay details
Leave Working Employee to View / Apply leave and Cancel
Tour Can Check all the LTC details
Reimbursement Any benefits of return
SBI Events To check different events, workshop and seminars by SBI

Salary Slips / Pension Slip : Employees of SBI can login into the portal to access their vital information regarding the basic pay they get every month, At the same time, they can get a look over the salary slip which comes with added benefits, PF cuttings and other information which you should be checking once in a while.

Rewards and Recognition: Every employee is pushed forward while working hard with great rewards and those are recognised by the whole SBI bank, Another way is by having those rewards under your HRMS portal profile.

SBI Events : SBI conducts different events, workshop and seminars for people of all ages and all services to learn more about something new, and the employee can use this section in order to register and attend such valuable events.

Leave and Tour (SBI Holidays) : Every employee must use the app in order to take leaves and apply for leaves directly if they cannot apply offline, and at the same time, you can have a look at the remaining leaves in different sections that you might have need for.

You will have different stages as

  • Leave Request
  • Leave Approval
  • My Leave Balance
  • Holiday List
  • LFC/HTC Approval

Under Tour you will have below stages

  • Tour Request
  • Tour Approval

Reimbursements: In simple terms, the money for services, travel, food or hostel cost can be reimbursed through this section, but it must be a valid reimbursement that you can apply and avail the same amount you spent in your bank.

Medical Facilities & Eligibility : All the available facilities are displayed for consideration

Eligibility of the Loan : Eligible loan and existing loan status will be displayed in SBI HRMS portal to have an idea.

You might want to know how to login into the SBI HRMS portal and it is quite the same as another login page, but at the same time, you must make sure to have proper ID and Password so the task is easier than said, Let me guide you through the simple steps on how you can login to the HRMS portal of SBI.

My HRMS App Download Process

In this world of mobile phone usage, it is a necessity to have the banking system with you all the time. Even the SBI bank has now created an app by the name My HRMS which is an Android application that can be downloaded for free and has every feature of the SBI HRMS portal. Let me show you how you can download the app and login to it as well.

  1. Open Android Play store
  2. Search for My HRMS app
  3. Click on install button
    • The application will be installed in a couple of minutes since it is small in size
    • Once the app is installed you will receive a notification that it is done
  4. Open the app, Enter your username, password as shown in image
  5. Once done you have now logged into the My HRMS app from your Android phone, to access all your SBI employee / pensioner benefits and features right from your mobile phone.

Conclusion: State Bank of India has been the initiative taker in prominent field of banking customers for decades now and with the same zeal they are helping their employees with SBI HRMS portal.

  • SBI ESS SAP IRJ portal is a simple online gateway where every State bank of India employee can access their salary slip, payment details, apply for leaves and tour request, checking your Provident Fund and all becomes easier as well.
  • Most importantly the latest mobile application for Android, My HRMS has been a great success to bring all these effective features right to the mobile devices of every SBI employee.

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