SBI HRMS Photo Size Reduce Upload for Approval

As per the real-time experience and knowledge of Sri S Venkatesan, the following simple steps for SBI HRMS Photo size reduce submitted for circulation. Here you will know, how to reduce the photo size to below 50KB and upload it in SBI HRMS without the help of others

SBI HRMS Photo Size Reduction

  1. Take a Passport size/ Stamp size photo.
  2. Place the Photo on a white paper and switch the mobile camera and click it.
  3. Save it in the mobile under photo/images.
  4. You can also take a live photo in your mobile as like as passport size photo.
  5. Please switch on Mobile Data/ WiFi connection in your mobile.
  6. Go to
  7. After entering the site, browse saved photo and upload it.
  8. You can use option to adjust the image by 5* clock/ anticlockwise step
  9. The actualsize of photo in KB displayed. You reduce by changing it to below 50( better if it is around 45kb)
  10. Use start button and it will give new size download and save it .
  11. Go to our SBI HRMS site by entering PF number and password
  12. Go to Pension related matters and Open upload photo option.
  13. Browse it and upload it from saved photos( below 50 KB photo downloaded)
  14. The photo displayed and use the option Yes to authorise by the branch.
  15. Que number generated and note it down for authorization by the BM
  16. A message received from HRMS in your email with complete details pending for authorization
  17. Go to the branch and submit for reference for authorization or Send an email to the pension paying branch and follow up by phone call to request the BM for approval.
  18. After that you will get approved status.

The above information is for people like me who are not Tec savvy like me. I learnt it on my own only and got succeed and shared my experience only. Thank you once again.

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