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Apple’s iPhone lineup has some of the highest resale value amongst mobile devices, and that’s especially true right now at GameStop. GameStop offers some of the highest trade-ins for a number of iPhone models, with their offers in many cases besting the likes of Apple, Best Buy and even Gazelle. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a newer iPhone model or just add some extra cash to your pocket, you don’t want to make a trade-in until you’ve dropped by GameStop for an offer.

Why you should trade-in your old iPhone at GameStop

Now is as good a time as any to trade in an old iPhone. With everything announced at Google I/O and the iPhone 15 launch event likely slated for Apple’s usual September date, we know where old devices stand amongst both definitive and potential forthcoming devices. When you combine this timing with GameStop’s offers for old iPhone trade-ins, right now is a good opportunity to sell high. If you have an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can get as much as $900 at GameStop for a 1TB model, and the Apple iPhone 13 can bring you up to $578 if you have a well-treated 512GB model.

If you have older iPhone models laying around and would like to grab some extra, GameStop will pay out for those as well. Models like the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max can bring you up to $538, and the Apple iPhone 12, which is several years old at this point, is still worth up to $382 at GameStop. These are great trade-in prices to consider if you’ve previously upgraded and didn’t trade in your old iPhone at the time. A trade-in at GameStop is also something you should consider if you’re ready to upgrade to a new device and want a nice chunk of cash so you can avoid carrier financing plans and having to commit to a long-term contract. And you can walk out of the store with money in hand instead of waiting a couple of weeks like most trade-in programs.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new piece of tech or want to put some credit toward something else this summer, trading in an old iPhone at GameStop is a good way to go about it. With cash offers reaching as high as $900 for an old iPhone, you definitely want to drop by GameStop if you’re ready to part ways with one.

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