Sony’s most powerful camera phone is $800 off at Best Buy

Each night, starting right around the time that evening becomes night, a significant amount of people pull out their phones only to discover a familiar problem. Their camera just does not have the power to capture the darker spaces with the power they would like. Or, even during the day, they attempt to capture wildlife, friend’s faces, or snap a quick selfie and they feel stuck with a dated phone. Images mean so much to use and transfer so much feeling, power, and experience, but a high-quality image experience isn’t always available to us so easily. Which is all why we’re excited to highlight this unique phone deal on the Sony Xperia PRO-I, which is $800 off at the moment. Get your phone with an amazing camera for just $1,000, down from $1,800, by tapping the button below.

Why you should buy the Sony Xperia PRO-I

As a phone, the Sony Xperia PRO-I is a 6.5-inch Android 11 phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor. The real deal with the Sony Xperia PRO-I is the camera, which functions well in low light conditions, as a point’n’shoot camera, and a movie camera as well. And by camera, we of course mean triple camera. There’s a lot of camera to love on this thing.

For example, the one-inch sensor increases the cameras’ collective focus, creates better representation of objects in the dark, and reduces image distortion. The additional 16mm and 50mm cameras help produce a more balanced final image, with an infrared-seeking sensor giving your lenses an accurate representation of where things are in 3D space. Even in low light. Whether you’re taking good single pictures with the 12-megapixel rear camera or 20 frames/sec. 4K video, each part of your shot should be represented in a way that you spatially control.

Decided to upgrade your phone? Go ahead by tapping the button below. You’ll be able to get your Sony Xperia PRO-I for just $1,000, which is $800 off the usual $1,800 price. If this isn’t the product that’s going to take your money, but you’re still looking to buy, check out our favorite camera phones to see if you can find something more your style.

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