The 10 Best ChatGPT Plus Plugins Worth Paying For

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From fact-checking to shopping, ChatGPT plugins aim to supercharge what the wildly popular AI can do, but which ones are truly worth your time? Here are ten awesome plugins that will convince you to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

Note: Before you read about the plugins we think are the best for ChatGPT, read about how ChatGPT Plus plugins work to get up to speed. While we’ve linked you to the home or store pages of the plugins highlighted here, they are all installed via the ChatGPT Plus Plugins store.


Wolfram ChatGPT Plugin Example

Wolfram is probably known as the most powerful computation, math, and scientific knowledge service on the web. At the same time, while ChatGPT can talk a good game, it literally can’t math good.

By adding this plugin, you combine the powers of a wordy wordsmith AI with a similarly-gifted math and science machine. That might sound like a bad idea if this were a Terminator movie, but in practice, it’s a powerfully-useful combination.

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Prompt Perfect

Prompting can be tricky, but that’s where Prompt Perfect comes in. It helps you craft well-structured and effective prompts, enhancing your interaction with ChatGPT. It’s a powerful tool for anyone, from casual users to those working on in-depth research or creative writing projects​.

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ChatWithPDF lets you extract information from any PDF file, a feature that is immensely helpful for students, researchers, and professionals, given how hard it is to input long tracts of text into ChatGPT. Whether preparing for an exam, drafting a report, or trying to understand a complex technical document, ChatWithPDF will prove invaluable​​.

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Video Insights

With Video Insights, you can extract a wealth of information from videos hosted on platforms like YouTube and DailyMotion. It’s a fantastic tool for creating video summaries, generating transcripts, or extracting metadata.

Link Reader

Link Reader is another invaluable tool that reads the content of the links you provide. It’s a versatile plugin that can summarize web page content or even help fact-check news when used in combination with other plugins​​. It’s also helpful to read content at weblinks that the standard OpenAI web browser plugin fails to parse, something that happens all the time as of this writing in mid-2023.


Instacart ChatGPT Plugin

For all the food lovers and home cooks out there, InstaCart is potentially a game-changer. It allows you to express your meal planning needs in natural language and generates a “shoppable” list of food items or ingredients. It’s like having a personal kitchen assistant who suggests what to cook and prepares your shopping list​.


Folks were already using ChatGPT to write basic website code almost from the moment it launched, way before GPT-4 and it’s way more advanced coding chops. Yet even then, ChatGPT is only a web development dabbler, until you install the WebDev plugin, which allows you to create, preview, and even upload HTML, including  CSS ad JavaScript.

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Mixerbox Translate

I’ve tested ChatGPT as a way to translate between the languages I know, and even the standard ChatGPT using the GPT 3.5 Turbo model does an impressive job. At least with the language pairs I understand! Mixerbox Translate promises to take that much further by focusing not only on translation, but also language learning. It offers simulated conversations, nuanced understanding of what words mean and when to use them, and it can even help with pronunciation.

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Scholar AI

If you’ve ever tried to get ChatGPT to generate references or any sort of serious academic work, you’ve probably run into issues with “hallucinated” research papers, or situations where ChatGPT doesn’t even know where it got its information from.

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Scholar AI plugs ChatGPT directly into a massive database of peer-reviewed academic articles and research data. If you want to supercharge your academic writing and research, this plugin is worth its weight in gold, and could probably tell you the atomic weight of gold too.


Zapier ChatGPT Plugin

One of the first things I tried to do with ChatGPT Plus’ web plugin was ask it to read one of my Google Docs, using an open sharing link. Unfortunately it informed me that it can’t (yet) read Google Docs. It’s a real shame, because if you could link external apps to ChatGPT, the sky really would be the limit.

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Well, that’s exactly what Zapier is offering with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin. You can connect with “5000+ apps (like Google Sheets, Gmail, or Slack) and interact with them directly inside ChatGPT.” according to the blog post announcing the plugin.

ChatGPT is already a fascinating and powerful tool, but there’s no need to limit yourself. With ChatGPT Plus and these plugins, you’ll be able to push your AI assistant to new heights.

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