The best places to find Purple, Ice, Pink and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 4

While there were only the base Pikmin types of Red, Blue, and Yellow in the original game, there are now nine different types in Pikmin 4. All the originals return, as you would expect, but plenty of new and exciting ones are introduced. Each one still has a unique advantage that allows you to do new things and get to new areas of the massive zones, meaning you will need to utilize each and every one to complete all your tasks. That said, there are some types that are more difficult to find than others. Yes, you could make each type yourself by finding their corresponding onion, however, some onions aren’t unlocked until very late into your playtime, or even after you’ve beaten the game. If you want to know the best places to track down the Purple, Pink, Ice, and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 4, follow our lead.

Where to find Purple Pikmin

A purple pikmin stomping the ground.

The Purple Pikmin are the first type that is somewhat tricky to find. This type is useful because each one has both the carrying capacity and weight of 10 Pikmin, creating shockwaves when you throw them, but is the slowest of all the types. The first level you can encounter them on is Seren Shores. On this map, head into the Engulfed Castle cave. This is a very dangerous cave, but if you’re just looking to bolster your numbers, you can rush in, collect them, and run away.

Where to find Ice Pikmin

An ice pikmin dancing in a cave.

Ice Pikmin are introduced to you very early in Pikmin 4 on the Sun-Speckled Terrace level. This type allows you to freeze water so you can traverse across it, as well as enemies to prevent them from attacking. Most caves in this level have them waiting to be recruited, such as the Hectic Hollows, Last-Frost Cavern, and Aquiferous Summit.

Where to find Pink Pikmin

A pink pikmin flying by a flower.

Pink Pikmin, also known as Winged Pikmin, are notable for, well, being able to fly of course. This lets them bypass enemies and obstacles to collect items for you much easier. They are very rare, so without their onion, you will need to go to Serene Shores and run through the Below-Grade Discotheque cave.

Where to find Rock Pikmin

A rock pikmin laying on its side.

Last up, the Rock Pikmin are another type you won’t see until later in the game. These tough Pikmin are able to destroy crystal walls, glasses, and shells by ramming them, and are also immune to stomp and trample attacks from enemies. The first cave you can pick some up in is called Kingdom of Beasts on the Blossoming Arcadia level. Later on, you will also be able to find some more in Hero’s Hideaway by exploring the Frozen Inforno and Plunder Palace caves.

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