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Someone using the cover screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.
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One of the best phone deals today is ideal for those who are keen to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 ahead of its release on August 11. All you need to do is head over to Samsung and pre-order it today. By doing so, you get a free storage upgrade so you get 512GB of space for the price of 256GB. You can also enjoy enhanced trade-in offers of up to $1,000 off depending on the device you trade in, while there are the biggest student savings ever during a smartphone launch with 15% off for eligible customers. There are also instant savings with $150 off on 1TB memory devices. Excited? You should be. The phone has a MSRP of $1,800 so you could save a lot depending on the phone you trade in. Here’s what you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and a little on what phones help with keeping costs down when you trade-in.

Why you should pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Main display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.
Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends

Think of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 as a refined version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and you’re on the right track. It’s lighter than before while still offering the same main and cover screens of 7.6-inch and 6.2-inch respectively. Both screens offer a Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with a resolution of 2176 x 1812 for the main screen and 2316 x 904 for the cover screen. This time around, you get an improved processor in the form of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor so you can enjoy a sweet speed boost. Cameras remain the same with a 50MP primary, 12MP ultrawide and 10MP telephoto lenses.

However, on paper, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 might seem all too familiar, but there are some key improvements in its bid to become the best folding phone out there. It’s thinner and lighter, with a new Flex Hinge design that enables the foldable to close fully shut. Also, its inner screen can now hit 1,750 nits of peak brightness so it’s much nicer to use outdoors than the previous model.

There are new color options as well with a choice of Icy Blue, Phantom Black, and cream. New software features are also included such as a “two-handed drag-and-drop” multitasking feature, along with a new taskbar that shows up to four of your most recent apps.

Best of all? If you’re keen to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 now, you could save big with some great trade-in deals at Samsung. It’s possible to save $1,000 if you decide to trade in your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Flip 4, or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. A similar saving can be made if you trade in an iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Even if you only have an iPhone 6S to trade in, you could save $200 with that price being the minimum you get.

Whatever your intentions when pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, now is the time. Besides the trade-in deals, you also get 512GB of storage for the price of 256GB, $150 off on 1TB memory devices, plus a 15% discount if you’re a student. The latter is the biggest saving for students during a smartphone launch event we’ve ever seen. Pre-order the stylish Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 now and enjoy having the latest and greatest in foldable phone technology very soon.

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