UMID for Railway Employee Medical Card Facilities Online

What is UMID

UMID is Unique Medical Identity Card launched for Indian Railway employees and pensioners for registration to avail all medical benefits. UMID Card is a smart card launched as an initiative to modernize and digitize Indian Railway employee medical facilities.

Previously, all the Indian Railways employees and pensioners who were part of the medical health and services had to carry a physical card/ health book by applying with railway employee application which is now replaced with a UMID card that can be easily accessed from Online browser or even your Smartphone app as well.

In this article, we will be going over about Unique Medical Identity Card given by Indian Railways to its employees. We will also look into the registration, login, password retrieval, status check and process to download the UMID card as well.

How does UMID Card Works

Similar to the previous physical card/ health book, even now every employee, pensioner or the dependents will receive a unique identification number that acts as a perpetual entity that helps Indian Railways identify the person and provide them with the required information about their health scheme, benefits and services available to them.

One of the key aspects is that the UMID card has both application and card number. Moreover, each card unique and linked to the person details and Indian Railways account making it better for processing of benefits.

UMID Registration Process for Employee and Pensioner

Now that you have understood that the UMID card registration for Indian Railways is important, let us show you the process for registration.

  1. Go to the Indian Railways UMID website from here
  2. Click on Register button below login section and next select to register either as Employee or Pensioner
  3. Fill your application and then submit the required documents
  4. Once done complete the process by submitting and you will receive application acknowledgment number

UMID Login

Once your registration completed and verified, You may have UMID login to acces your account directly from their online portal or Smartphone app as well. Below is the process for the online UMID login process for Employees and Pensioners.

  1. Open the UMID website from here
  2. Enter employee PF number or pensioner PPO number
  3. Then enter password and captcha show in the image in the box given beside it
  4. Then click on the login button to access your UMID card account.

Retrieve UMID Password – Forgot UMID Password

You can retrieve your UMID password from the UMID official website by clicking on the Forgot password button and then following the instructions for either employee or pensioners account password reset.

UMID Card Status

UMID status for the account and card will be notified on your registered mobile number for employees or pensioners. Once you receive the confirmation, you can login to your account and start using it. You can check your UMID Card Status from the My Application Status page which you can visit by clicking on Menu.

How to Download UMID Card

  1. Login to UMID portal with your account, once you have completed UMID registration
  2. Click on the View/ Download Medical Cards option.
  3. Login to your account
  4. After that, all the medical cards in your account which link to either your employee PF account or Pensioner account may shown there.
  5. You can click on them to save on mobile, print on paper or card and even print only QR code for use.

With the above simple steps, you may have the option for UMID card download to utilize at the time of hospitalization and to avoid delay in medical facilities and billing.

  1. How can I get my UMID card?

    You can apply for a UMID card by registering as an employee or pensioner on the UMID Indian Railways website. Family members can also apply by linking their account to an employee or pensioner.

  2. How to apply for UMID card online?

    You can visit UMID website from here and click on register button and select to register as employee or pensioner to apply for UMID card online.

  3. What are the benefits of UMID card?

    UMID card may used for accessing your Indian Railways health benefits i.e, medical benefit schemes, services and related benefits as well.

  4. How can I download my UMID card?

    You can download your UMID card from UMID official portal, once you login you need to click on Menu and click on Dashboard and under the sidebar click on View/ Download Medical Cards to download your card or your family members card if you had applied through application previously.

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