Wage Relief for Worker, What it is & How Supports by Government

Find about what is wage relief and when it is applicable to employee or worker of Govt or private. Check how wage relief supported by Government with a schemeā€¦

The recent pandemic situation has brought various changes in the economy, which majorly affected the employment sector. There have been thousands of individuals who have lost their jobs due to the crisis and thereby affecting their livelihood.

The Government of India has timely taken few preventive steps supporting such employees who have lost their jobs. The Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana scheme launched by the Indian Government.

How & When Wage Relief Granted by Government or a Company?

It is all to ensure that employees state insurance corporations do register the workers who have lost their jobs and do get an opportunity to claim half of their regular wage. These amounts will be through the ESIC kitty balance that has deployed to provide wage relief to individuals.

What is Wage Relief

In general the Government or the individual company does provide benefits to the worker when there are crises. If the company shut down due to any course of reason, then it is mandatory for employer to provide Salary to employees or to a portion of employee category. Its is all until the individual found a job or taken back to work.

In the same manner, in the issue of national emergency, the government looks after each and every citizen. Government has a responsibility for every citizen and brings various schemes to provide benefits during their emergency period.

Any group of workers or individuals stuck due to national emergency, will provide Wage Relief to have their livelihood not distributed.

WageRelief from Government

The Labor Ministry of India has led these programs forward and came to support the outreach faced by individuals who struck during lockdown. It is all to bring support to migrants and factory worker, who were not consider by Government in first wave.

Documents for enrollment of the scheme submitted offline to office, as every individual may not linked with an Aadhaar card to direct settlement.

The members of ESIC can avail the benefits and get their wage relief. The ministry at initial provided Wage Relief to nearly 400 beneficiaries daily with a percent of 25prncet of their salary.

Later the percentage increased to 50 percent which even increased the number of benefits. The fired workers were given benefits in the view of losing their jobs during pandemic situation.

At the earlier stage, Wage Relief provided to workers, once the employer applied to labour ministry for the eligible scheme.

Later the labour ministry permitted the claims made directly to ESIC office through their services which nearly benefits 3.4 crores females with the insurance cover and has provided cash benefits to over 13.5 crores families

The labour ministry, with the new social security code law, has ordered to extend ESIC around 740 districts in country. As well, the ministry officials tied with the Ayushman Bharat Scheme and third party service providers. It is all to enroll the workers for their wage leave from the government.

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