Want to play Starfield? This GameStop trade-in deal is great

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Bethesda is known for its expansive open-world games with rich experiences, and it’s looking like Starfield — their next big adventure — will turn out precisely that way. Maybe it will even be the best yet as the culmination of every Bethesda game all wrapped into one. But since it’s a Microsoft exclusive, you will need either a current-gen Xbox – Xbox Series X or S – to play Starfield or a beefy PC. People are a little upset with the AMD and Starfield partnership, with some of our worst fears about the PC version rearing their heads. So, the definitive version and the best platform to play on may be the Xbox Series X. If you don’t already have an Xbox console in your home, you’ll need one if you want to play during Starfield‘s launch. Perk up because GameStop has something just for you. Right now, you’ll get an additional $50 of trade-in credit when you

towards an Xbox Series X at GameStop stores — that offer will be available until September 16th. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade your gaming setup and dive into Bethesda’s latest, and just as vast, space-exploration title. Seriously, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this game.

Why you should take advantage of this GameStop trade-in offer to play Starfield

If you plan to play Starfield, you have two routes: play on PC or Xbox. We’ve already established that Xbox Series X seems to be the best avenue for playing, which can put a wrench in the gears if you don’t already own the console. But GameStop’s trade-in offer fixes all of that. You can get your hands on a shiny new Xbox Series X, get your copy of Starfield, and start playing, but you’ll also get a sweet deal out of the whole thing. You can use that $50 trade-in credit, plus the trade-in value, towards a new game, controller, or whatever else you need. Even better, you could use that credit to upgrade your copy of Starfield to one of the limited bundles, like the

— a collector’s edition of the game — which includes extra in-game content, a steelbook case, a Chronomark Watch and case, and more.

Starfield takes place in the year 2330, at a time when humanity has explored far beyond our local solar system. You begin as a space miner, joining Constellation, a group of space explorers. The rest is history, or rather, the rest is what you’ll experience when you dive in to play Starfield.

It’s definitely shaping up to be an expansive and wondrous spacefaring adventure, and given Bethesda’s track record with previous titles, this will be a game you don’t want to miss.

You don’t have to miss out either, even if you don’t have an Xbox Series X to play. Take advantage of GameStop’s current offer to get your hands on a new console, the best way to play Starfield, and an extra $50 trade-in credit for

. That offer will be available in GameStop stores from September 3rd until September 16th.

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