What to do with the Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2

If you’ve spent some time in Remnant 2‘s cryptic world, you’re probably well aware of how many strange and shocking quest items you can find. When you stumble upon the Plain Ribbon while exploring Losomn, then, you might be a little taken aback by its simplicity and innocence. Rest assured, though, that the Plain Ribbon is actually an important item that can earn you one of two amulets sporting extremely useful boons. Here’s what to do with the Plain Ribbon.

How to use the Plain Ribbon

The Plain Ribbon can be found in a variety of locations while working your way through Losomn, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for its red glow as you navigate the many halls and rooms of the massive castle. Once you’ve scored the Plain Ribbon, you’ll need to find somewhere to use it, so it’s time to begin looking for a statue of two Faes with wings holding hands.

When you find the statue, you can interact with it and place the Plain Ribbon around the Faes’ hands. However, like the Plain Ribbon itself, the statue can be found on multiple maps, meaning that finding them won’t usually be a straightforward affair. Even more, the area in which you find the statue plays a part in which item you’ll receive when placing the ribbon on the Faes’ hands. Here’s the breakdown for you:

  • If the world state is set to light, the statue is found in the Gilded Chambers or Council Chamber, and you’ll receive the Golden Ribbon amulet.
  • If the world state is dark, the statue is found in The Great Hall or Shattered Gallery, and you’ll receive the Silver Ribbon amulet.

To change the world state, you’ll need to have found both of the masks pertaining to Losomn’s main story and placed them in the mural at the Palace Courtyard. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to spin the mural and change world states whenever you’d like. Afterward, you can look for the statue in that respective world state in an attempt to score the amulet you prefer. Here’s what each of them has to offer:

  • Golden Ribbon – Increases weapon mod damage by 25% and grants the Haste status effect for 15s when activating a mod.
  • Silver Ribbon – Increases skill damage by 25% and grants the Haste status effect for 15s when activating a skill.

Either of these two amulets is excellent on its own, but if you manage to ever score the other ribbon on a subsequent playthrough, you can actually choose to combine them by speaking to Nimue at Nimue’s Retreat. She’ll weave the two amulets together to create Nimue’s Ribbon, which increases Relic healing effectiveness by 50% and grants the Haste status effect for 25s when using a Relic. Combining the two ribbons means you’ll lose them both, though, so you may find that just keeping the individual amulets provides you more DPS and utility than Nimue’s Ribbon. As such, be sure to weigh your options carefully before committing to this irreversible decision.

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