Where to buy Digipicks in Starfield

Unless you decide to completely forgo the lockpicking skill in Starfield, then Digipicks, alongside Med Packs and ammo, will be among the most sought-after items on your shopping list for the entire game. These little devices allow you to pick locks and hack terminals, which makes them very handy. Partially because of how many things there are to lockpick, and also how easy it is to miss these little devices in the environment, you will be running out of them far too often. Thankfully you can go out and buy these items, but not from every vendor out there. Here are the best shops in the Settled Systems to stock up on Digipicks in Starfield.

Where to buy Digipicks

Digipicks in a menu in Starfield.
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Digipicks aren’t terribly expensive, but the trouble is finding someone who sells these little glass tube things. The most convenient vendor you can stock up on them from is on New Atlantis. From the spaceport, go into the square proper and take a left. Look for the large store with colored windows called Jemison Mercantile. Interact with the owner and select the Misc category to see his stock of Digipicks. Another spot is down in The Well at Apex Electronics, which is below MAST, as well as the Trade Authority right next door.

Akila sells Digipicks at Shepherd’s General Store, and Newill’s Goods carries them on Neon.

Digipicks tend to always cost 35 Credits, so won’t break your bank. Also, if you want to grind out buying Digipicks from one spot fast, you can find a place to rest or wait nearby for 24 hours to restock the shop’s supply.

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