Why Encourage Employees to Take Annual Leave

If someone can get benefits by availing of holiday leaves, why will one miss the opportunity? But the scenario is different for the UK employees.

Research reveals that in 2022 a third of UK employees didn’t use their allocated allowance of leaves. Small businesses especially direct the employees that their holiday shouldn’t cross over, due to smaller staff numbers.

Most of the employees avoid taking the leaves by giving themselves hope that they will take the break when things will get under control or when there will be less busy periods or quieter times, but, to tell you the truth, the perfect time for the break never comes up.

The pattern of the work culture never lets us feel that this is the perfect time to take a break. So it is better to take a break whenever you feel like it and not depending on the work conditions.

Employee annual leave

Why Annual Leaves are Beneficial and How Managers Can Set an Example

Managers usually see holidays as a ‘nice to do’ time, and this creates an unhealthy culture. A manager should understand that the employees who do not go on breaks and enjoy the leave entitlements are likely to be less productive will be prone to unplanned absences, and will have more health problems due to stress.

There are some reasons behind motivating employees for taking their annual leaves. Some of the top ones are

  • It boosts creative thinking – By breaking the routine life and the surroundings, one gets to know the unknown somehow. This sometimes fuels creativity and develops an ability to see problems in a new way.
  • It supports a positive workplace culture – Owners of the business who take their annual leave seriously, set an example at the workplace. Flexible working, no-evening emails, parental leaves, etc. set a positive and sustainable culture in the company.
  • Taking annual leaves is a benefit to businesses – Most managers admit that when their team returns from a holiday, it refreshes their approach to things and their work. So, the managers should make an effort to reduce the amount of holidays remaining for the employees at the end of the year.
  • Trust-building activity – When the managers take holidays, it is sure that the buck also stops with them. But, running a company is a team-building activity and not a single hand work. If the managers don’t take a holiday, it also means sometimes that he/she doesn’t trust the employees of the organization. Leave the work on their shoulders for some time, which might build trust amongst the employee of your organization.
  • It offers a satisfying lifestyle – For some compartmentalization of the work and life space isn’t practical. Work–life balance is a myth for such people. These two extremes blend, but their boundaries are solid. Taking breaks helps focus employees on the other important aspects of life like family, friends, hobbies, volunteering, etc.

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Ways to Encourage Employee to Take Annual Leave

Different companies adopt different ways to encourage. But there are some common points on which all the companies stick to

  • Set a clear policy for the breaks.
  • Always encourage talks related to the holiday in your company.
  • Implement rollover limits.
  • Make links with the companies who make bookings for the holiday, and allow employees to access their services from the office.
  • Using imagery around the office.
  • Always express a good gesture when any employee book time off.
  • Send Reminders to book leave in advance.
  • Help to ease the employee after work
  • Encourage employees to wrap up the task or arrange a cover
  • Explain to them the importance of switching off the device 24*7.

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