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Outside of Samsung’s amazing lineup of mobile and tablet devices, they also dabble in gorgeous wearables. If you tuned into Samsung’s Unpacked event, you’ve seen the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and all their great improvements on the previous generation. Admittedly, Samsung didn’t need to iterate much on the previous generation — they were already excellent smartwatches — but now things are just a little bit better. They’ve shaved off some heft, to be lighter on the wrist, have larger displays, with support for higher resolutions, and better battery life — Samsung is promising 30 to 40 hours of usage depending on whether or not you enable the always-on display. Of course, they’re both going to cost a pretty penny, but you can take advantage of some Galaxy Watch 6 pre-order deals, including an exclusive offer from Digital Trends, to save some money.

Just know, if you want to use the deals, you’ll have to hurry because the pre-order period is almost over. Samsung’s latest lineup of devices will be available starting just next week, which doesn’t give you much time. For starters, Samsung has its own pre-order bonus, which adds a free fabric band with any purchase, plus you can get up to $250 off with eligible trade-ins. But here’s the best part. You can also save $50 at checkout thanks to an exclusive deal we have going with Samsung. You just need to use our link.

Why you should pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The most visible changes to the new lineup of Galaxy Watches are the larger screens across the board, with the smaller frame having a 1.3-inch screen and the larger frame having a 1.5-inch screen. So, whether you go for the Watch 6 40mm, or the 44m Watch 6 Classic, you’re still getting the 1.3-inch screen, which makes life a bit easier when picking which watch to go for. Another big bump is in the processing power, with the new Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic sporting the Exynos W930 processor, and Samsung claims it’s 18% faster than the Watch 5 processors and will give you an overall snappier performance.

On the software side, both watches run Samsung OneUI 5, which is layered over Android 13, so you’re getting a great combined ecosystem on the watch. Health tracking has also seen a couple of new features, such as the new automatic alert for irregular heart rhythms, which is a feature Apple Watches have had for a while now. In fact, Samsung is also ‘stealing’ the fall detection and sleep coaching features, which essentially puts the Galaxy Watch 6 on par with the best Apple Watches, such as the Watch 8.

If you want one of the best smartwatches on the market, the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic are shaping up to be some of the best Samsung watches yet. Luckily, there are many ways to get them cheaper than the $300 starter price for the Watch 6 and $330 for the Watch 6 classic.

For starters, you can get up to $250 off when trading in an eligible watch; for example, if you have a Galaxy Watch 4, you can get up to $100, or for the Watch 4 classic, up to $200. Similarly, you can get $150 or $200 off for the Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5, respectively. If you’re coming in from another manufacturer, such as Apple, you can get up to $250 for the Series 7 and Series 8.

Don’t forget about our exclusive deal with Samsung, either, which gives you $50 off when using our link, plus Samsung throws in a fabric strap when you pre-order. As you can see, Samsung is making it tempting to grab their smartwatch, regardless of what you have right now. These deals will be going away soon, as early as next week when all the devices officially launch, so take advantage as soon as possible, especially if you’re already planning to pre-order or buy anyway.

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