4 Reasons to Buy a Laptop With a Removable Battery

Person holding a removable laptop battery
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In today’s world of sleek, non-serviceable laptops, finding one with a removable battery is relatively rare. Yet, despite their scarcity, such laptops offer distinct advantages worth exploring, from extended lifespan to upgrade potential, making them an intriguing alternative battery option.

It’s Going to Die Eventually

The first reason, and perhaps the most obvious one, is that batteries are not immortal. They have a finite lifespan and will eventually degrade over time. Every time you recharge your laptop battery, it loses a tiny bit of its total capacity. After several hundred cycles, your battery may not hold a charge as efficiently as it once did.

Having a laptop with a removable battery allows you to replace it when it shows signs of wear and tear, effectively rejuvenating your device. Instead of sending the entire laptop in for servicing or buying a new one, you can swap out the old battery. This not only saves you time and money but also reduces electronic waste.

You Can Buy Extra Batteries

Power outlets are not always conveniently available, so carrying extra batteries for your laptop can be a lifesaver. This is especially true for those who travel frequently or work in areas with unreliable power supply. With a laptop with a removable battery, you can swap a drained battery for a fully charged one, thus significantly extending your device’s uptime.

Also, having an extra battery or two on hand can be a great backup plan in case of power outages or emergencies. You can store charged batteries for months at a time, just remember to check them periodically to ensure they are charged up. Doing this allows you to continue working or stay connected when power is unavailable.

If you have a laptop that can charge via USB, however, it makes more sense to get a suitable power bank that can be used to charge anything rather than a device-specific spare battery.

You Can Run It Without a Battery

Running your laptop without a battery might seem counterintuitive, but it can be beneficial in certain situations. If you primarily use your laptop at a desk connected to a power source, you can remove the battery to prevent it from staying at 100% charge all the time, leading to faster degradation.

It’s also a great feature when you get a new laptop and want to use the old laptop as, for example, a home media server after its battery has worn out. Usually, with a non-removable battery, you’d be forced to replace the battery even though you don’t need it, or you’ll have to discard the whole computer.

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You (Might) Have Upgrade Options

Another advantage of a laptop with a removable battery is the potential for upgrade options. Some manufacturers offer high-capacity replacement batteries that provide longer runtime than stock batteries.

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In the case of older laptops, third-party manufacturers often produce replacement batteries that may outperform the original ones. This means you could upgrade your laptop’s battery capacity, extending its usability and lifespan.

Warning: Whenever you consider a third-party battery for any device, make sure it conforms to safety standards and is made by a reputable manufacturer.

While laptops with removable batteries might seem like relics of a bygone era, they offer a range of benefits that sealed units don’t. From the potential for extended battery life to the ability to replace a dying battery, these laptops offer flexibility and long-term cost savings that should not be overlooked. So, the next time you’re in the market for a new laptop, it might be worth considering one with a removable battery.

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