A new HP sale started, and this is our favorite laptop deal

A woman video chats with her friends on an HP Envy laptop.

HP is almost always regarded as one of the best laptop brands, and today it’s having a laptop sale. An HP 17-inch laptop model is currently going for just $330 as part of it, which is a savings of $170 from its regular price of $500. This is a good laptop option if you’re searching the best laptops for college or if you’re hoping to land something comparable to the best budget laptops. HP is including free shipping with a purchase as well, and Windows 11 comes preinstalled as well.

Why you should buy the HP 17t-cn300

This HP 17-inch laptop is a really good general use laptop that could easily fit into the work or school day of almost anyone. This build isn’t going to get it ranked among the best laptops — it has modest specs that keep it closer to an entry-level laptop in terms of performance — but it still offers enough to get most users through their day. It has an Intel processor and Intel graphics, and the solid state drive comes in at 256GB, which will likely be enough to house all of your favorite software and apps. If you have a lot of media such as music or photo libraries, you may need to consider an external hard drive or one of the best cloud storage services with this laptop.

And whatever this laptop may be missing in terms of power it makes up for with its 17.3-inch display. It comes in at HD resolution and makes a good companion if you’re looking for a way to watch the best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Max, and more. Comfort is another perk of this laptop. It’s larger than most laptops these days with that 17-inch display, but HP does a good job of keeping its footprint manageable. This also makes more room for a larger battery, so you can count on this laptop getting you through a full work day in most cases without needing to recharge.

This HP 17-inch laptop is going for just $330 at HP right now, a rare low price for a fully capable laptop. This is a savings of $170 from its regular price of $500, and free shipping is included with your purchase.

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